Fallout 76 Steel Reign brings the features players have always wanted

Over the years, Fallout 76 has struggled with the reputation of disastrous games, and even the bosses have admitted that the release was not good. Despite this, the developers are still working on a new update: Steel Reign’s latest major update. Players are satisfied now but want more.

Fallout 76 was released in November 2018, about three years ago. Even before that, many fans of the series doubted whether the consequences of multiplayer games would be successful-and then also an utterly foreign survival genre.

Because of his skepticism, the criticism of Fallout 76 has surpassed other versions. In addition, the server still has a lot of errors and problems. They destroyed many players’ first impressions of Fallout 76.

Most importantly, there is a scandal surrounding the Collector’s Edition where players did not get what they promised-or at least after some protests.

All these add up to only one conclusion for many fans, gamers, and most people on the Internet: Fallout 76 is rubbish. Even the boss himself admitted: The launch of Fallout 76 was not good.

How does it look today?

Although the predictions of doom have been significantly reduced, this reputation has plagued the game to this day. After all, it can be boring to choose something at some point: besides, the regular players in the early days of Fallout 76 will not be plagued by criticism.

Even after going through difficult times, the Fallout 76 community still insists on their game, and the core has been maintained to this day. Everyone treats each other well, everyone is helpful, and the community is considered one of the most active communities in the game. For example, the German community gives gifts to lonely players for Christmas.

In the past few years, developers have continuously proposed updates, including:

Wastelander brought the long-awaited NPC.

It should save radiation like the similar product One Tamriel a few years ago, MMORPG ESO.

Steel Dawn brought the legendary Brotherhood of Steel

On July 7th, 2021, the update Steel Domination was released-a huge update that continues the story of the Brotherhood in Fallout 76. There are many great features in the new update, but are they enough to silence critics?

Steel Reign brings the features players have always wanted

What’s new: The two main features of the update revolve around the most powerful items in the game: legendary armor and weapons. These Fallout 76 items with unique attributes can produce a compelling synergy in the corresponding construction.

In terms of new features, Legend is the focus of this update:

Legendary weapons and armors can now be crafted

Power armor, the iconic radiation exoskeleton, now also has a legendary version.

Modified some legendary effects and added new effects

There are also some bug fixes, such as the removal of a rather strange and unplanned emoji. Along with the update, the new season 5 appears in the constant rise in the Battle Pass and unique campaigns that advance the story.

What makes the wild Appalachian Mountains so unique?

This update is the first major content patch for Fallout 76 and was released in March 2019. Although the NPC that I missed so much at that time still did not appear in the game, Wild Appalachia was able to please the player with the following features:

A series of new alcohol and alcohol missions allow players to learn how to make beer.

An improvement to Fallout 76’s building system CAMP, which many players have used

The first seasonal event ever, a carnival with special cosmetic rewards

Although there are no significant changes or additions to the map, this update brings the appreciation of Fallout players to its game: more exploration, room for creativity, and completely crazy ideas. Many players hope to see such an improvement again.

Fallout 76 What do you need now?

Many players agree that a little more life in this world will greatly help the game. They hope that the upcoming fall and winter updates will do this.

If Fallout 76 reaches its full potential, it may silence critics forever. If it has a new engine that runs more stable, upgrades the game to more modern graphics, and does not take over any mistakes from its predecessors, almost no one will criticize it.

However, so far, we have only determined that Pittsburgh will become a new place in the future, and aliens will become a topic. Work on legendary items will also continue, and real pets will come for players in winter.

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