What makes the new MMORPG Swords of Legends Online unique

Action MMORPG Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) will be released in Western China on July 9. Swords of Legends Online is set in a fantastic fantasy world, combining complex combat mechanics and many job opportunities. In this article, you will learn more about the details of the game.

Players should not be intimidated by the appearance of Chinese fantasy. Because there is a beautiful game behind Swords of Legends, it is convincing with its well-designed areas, well-thought-out mechanics, and dynamic gameplay.

Here are ten things that make SOLO unique at a glance:

Without Pay2Win-you only buy SOLO once and invest the most in cosmetics

Wonderful game world-thanks to the specially designed graphics engine, the fantasy world is convincingly staged.

Exciting stories and storytelling-all the cutscenes of the exciting legends about SOLO are sounded in English and Chinese.

Flexible class system-choose between two different roles can change personal skills and equipment with a single click of the mouse.

Two different control modes: tag target or action combat system-you decide which style you want to use currently

Extensive housing-spend hours on your property and take advantage of various designs and furniture

Different ways to reach the highest level-single player level, farm dungeon, or play biography-learn more about the history of the legendary sword

Life skills-whether you want to play card games with friends, cook buffalo food, or visit other dimensions to defeat enemies. Variety is great

Extensive endgames-dungeons, raids, world bosses, and PvP-you can always find something to do

Frustration-free equipment-no failures, random upgrades, and predictable time expenditure

The mysterious game world of ancient China

What is the legendary sword about? MMORPG is based on the successful TV series WildFire, which is very popular in China. The game engine used makes MMORPG one of the most exquisite online games on the market. The extraordinary and vast game world focuses on depicting costumes, plants, animals, and regions based on the myths of Chinese sages. Most importantly, the cutscenes are wholly set to music-whether in English or Chinese.

What is the legendary sword about?

In short, the battle between good and evil dominates. The center of the story is a mighty sword called the ancestral sword and other powerful weapons. These explain the name of the game.

Nine hundred years ago, five sword saints used this weapon to defeat the dark and evil army. The remaining evils were subsequently sealed and guarded by the Quinn Alliance. You are one of the selected Jianxin and participated in the fight against corruption.

What occupations does the Juggernaut have?

You have six different professions in the game and fight in the classic healing tank attacker mode. However, the trick is that each class has two specializations, allowing you to respond as required.

You can easily create and save skill combinations and change them with a single click with the appropriate armor combination.

The following is an overview of these classes and their minor specifications:

Deathbringer – an assassin with a sickle can also be a healer on the second path.

Berserker-a classic melee that can cause damage or refuel

Sword Master-A DPS class that attacks with swords in close or long-range combat

Bard-a class that uses stringed instruments that can cause harm or heal

Summon r-a long-range damage exporter, and he can also heal in the second path

Spearmaster-a melee warrior who can act as a damage dealer or tank

How does the combat system work?

You can control the character in two different ways. One is a modern action combat system, where you must aim at your opponent. For example, in battle, it may be difficult for healers to target their allies. With the second variant, you can switch to the tab target system whenever necessary. Using the dual combat system, you can control the situation at any time.

Is there a house?

In Swords of Legends Online, you have the opportunity to own your land on a floating island. Ideally, you will occupy an island with a friend or guild. Together you will explore the many possibilities of building and decorating your own home.

There are many variations-from roofs to floor tiles and sides full of furniture. If needed, you can choose prefabricated houses or even buy magnificent palaces in shops.

However, you must organize the materials required for housing in advance. There is a quarry, field, and wood, where you have to mine materials. These can be grown directly on the island. In addition, the weather on the island can be changed, and you can control the game music.

How do I level up in Legendary Sword?

You can choose from Swords of Legends: Rise to complete various tasks by exploring different areas while going from one mission center to another.

Variant B is where you play the game through biographies. These biographies are character tasks that can bring you closer to the stories and characters in Legend of Sword. If there are too few tasks in your task book, this can be combined well. The biography does not depend on your level and is always available.

Of course, there are dungeons in the game to accompany you up to the highest level. If you can’t find any other players, you rely on your companion, and you will get that companion during the game. Just choose whether you are willing to travel with a damaged distributor, a healer, or a tank, and then go through the dungeon alone, not alone. There are random epic items as rewards to make your character stronger as the icing on the cake.

Life skills ensure diversity.

What are life skills?

Life skills provide a variety of character development or pass the time and are roughly equivalent to occupations in other MMORPGs. But besides the bland production, there are many things to choose from here:

List of life skills:

Bounty Hunting-The boss is unlocked on the map, and you can choose to hunt in different ways. This includes single players, teams, and groups. In team mode, BOSS presents itself as a world BOSS, which more players can use.

The holder of the Emerald Lantern-Here you can get an alternative version of the card and find the ghost leader, assassin them to get particular currency. Then you can use them to buy certain cosmetics.

Collect-where you can collect and harvest plants etc., cook buffalo food and other dishes.

Fishing – fish in a traditional way and use it for buffalo food while cooking.

Cooking – Bufffood, used in dungeons, raids, and PvP. Various statistical data have been briefly improved here and should not be underestimated.

Unlimited guests-a card game in which you can collect cards of the same color to trigger special effects. You can compete with NPCs and other players.

Naturalist – Find and collect various boxes in the game world to make materials.

What should I do in the final stage?

After reaching the highest level, you have many things to do in SOLO, including:

Dungeon and Raid-You can use different difficulty levels: Practice, Normal, and Hard. Practice can be played alone, but the next level requires the support of other players. You can enter the dungeon with 5 to 10 players; depending on the number of players, the number of monsters, the opponent’s value, and the bonus will increase.

You will meet the intermediate and final bosses, the latter bringing you boxes full of crafting content and at least one item. In extreme mode, some bosses will gain new skills or random mechanics.

Dungeons are limited, so ordinary dungeons can only bring loot once a day; in challenging and extreme situations, you can only get loot once a week. The raid is based on the dungeon, but it can be flexibly entered by 10 to 20 people and only provides haul once a week.

Instanced PvP battles-including small arenas like 3v3, but also more considerable battles

success. The 3vs3 hall is open to you at the beginning of SOLO. In the end, the team of survivors wins.

15vs15-Some bases here have been conquered and held in teams. You win with a higher score.

More PvP content is integrated with the Chinese version, so there are up to 200 players and large-scale battles on the map, where you will encounter enemy players and monsters that you must also defeat.

Fashion end in the form of unique skins, mounts, and shells

Leaderboards-The leaderboards in SOLO are very extensive. You can celebrate your success in various fields so that everyone can see it, whether it’s becoming the highest-ranked PvP or just having the most coins.

Targeted maintenance and improvement of equipment

How to get the best armor?

The equipment system in Swords of Legends provides you with a scarce aspect of MMORPG: predictability.

This means you can get your suit through dungeons, raids, and crafting. The only difficulty here is that you have to put down materials and equipment and visit the dungeon more frequently. But it should also be said that the developer gave you fair prey luck.

Once your device is complete, you can proceed with the purpose: you can upgrade your device and insert certain items without any problems. In PvP, you can collect unique tokens to assemble your PvP armor-this only works for players.

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