New MMORPG Lost Ark reviews Pay2Win allegations

In the fall, The Diablo Slayer Lost Ark will be released in Europe and the United States. In this country, Amazon Game Studio is responsible for adapting games that have been released in South Korea and Russia for the Western market. Like many games on the Korean market, Lost Ark also provides many Pay2Win advantages there. When you invest real money, you have such a clear advantage in the game. In the European version of the game, this should no longer be the case.

What does the Lost Ark promise?

The publisher announced on Twitter: Although we cannot disclose any details at this time, we want to assure the game that the Western Edition of Lost Ark will be a fair, fun, and excellent gaming experience and in-game purchases are entirely optional. of.

After announcing the Western version at this summer game festival, the publisher made a similar promise. However, the details are still not disclosed.

Lost Ark plans to enter the testing phase this month, so it is conceivable that we will learn more about the exact payment model soon. The whole thing should be funded through the in-game store, without Pay2Win content. The base game will be released as a free game.

Despite this tweet, the Lost Ark community is still skeptical of these statements. The game should be released in the fall, so there is no objection to revealing the details of the store now because these should be known at this time.

In addition, the pre-order package promises a 30-day crystal halo, which brings a variety of playful advantages. So it is conceivable that The Lost Ark also wants to set up a voluntary subscription model. But so far, all this is just speculation.

What is the crystal halo?

The Crystal Aura is a limited-time gain for your account. It can be assumed that this will not only be included in the pre-order box but can also be purchased in the game. Of course, whether it is real money or game currency has not yet been determined. The Crystal Aura provides the following rewards, including:

Three port fee reduction

50% discount on the steamer

Have more friendly interactions with NPCs every day

More than 10% work energy recovery

The cooldown of Song of Return is reduced by 50%

And various other bonuses

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