WOW has solved the most challenging problem on KORTHIA

Two particularly annoying issues in the new area of ​​World of Warcraft Costa have been fixed. We revealed how Blizzard could make your life more comfortable.

A few days ago, the World of Warcraft patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion was finally online. Although there were no significant problems, in the beginning, some minor difficulties later appeared in Korthia, a new area of ​​the throat. Some details caused frustration and dissatisfaction. Blizzard has now removed the most annoying part of the patch.

Treasures stay longer:

Corsia’s treasures are a problem. Many small treasures, such as mushrooms or nests, will only remain in the game world for 10 seconds after the first player plunders them. This, combined with the fact that treasures cannot be looted in battle, leads to an ugly situation:

When a player was struggling to escape from the treasure, another player came to plunder the prize, and the glory soon disappeared.

Blizzard has now solved this problem, keeping the treasure in the world for significantly longer-less than 60 seconds after the first loot. There are more items in the prize, which makes them more valuable.

Tasks cause fewer problems:

There are three daily tasks in Corsia every day, one of which is Lundell’s Golden Nothing. In this mission, you must collect 7 Gromits that jump in a small area. The problem here is that all players share grommets and their spawning times are relatively long.

This leads to the fact that, depending on the area’s rush, players may wait up to 30 minutes in the mission or even give up in frustration because there are not enough grommets to meet the demand.

Blizzard has now drastically reduced the respawn time of Gromits, so there should always be enough Gromits for players to complete this task.

What else is fixed?

This patch fixes more minor issues. Many consumables from the contract area can now also work in Costa and enchantments to accelerate resource mining. In addition, some minor bugs have been fixed. In this way, the characters no longer stay in the battle indefinitely, even if they are far away from their respective enemies-this often happens in Korthia.

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