MMORPG New World showcases houses in an unusual way

Amazon Game Studios showed the first house content for their new world of MMORPG. In a funny video, we accompany a young couple and their real estate agent to find the perfect house. At here, we show you what it looks like and what you can do with it.

Amazon showed us the housing content of the New World. It shouldn’t just stay on one video, but under the name New World: Settle Down, a series of videos always introduce different aspects of housing. We get the following information from the first video:

You will be able to buy houses in different cities and all over the world

The houses are bought empty. Decoration and furniture can be made by yourself or purchased from other players

There will be a tax system that includes settlements, etc.

You can find animals in your adventure, and then you can move in

Your house can be used as your telepunk, so it also gives you a tactical advantage

What to see?

In the new video New World: Settle Down, we will accompany the family in the game to find the perfect house. You will be supported by a real estate agent who will show you three houses in different areas.

You can choose from luxury houses in Everfall, simple cottages in the marshes of Weaver’s Fen, and impressive tree houses in the woods of Reekwater. We also showed some places in our respective locations, including Weaver’s Den Market and Reekwater Pub.

Real estate agents try to sell the negative aspects of these places well. He tells the couple, The dryads rarely attack, only when you are too close, or comment on the smell in the swamp, That’s rotten sweetness!.

James’s fictional husband is a gifted fisherman, so we showed him some fishing spots around various places. And his wife Elena is a mercenary, always looking for the next adventure. So we can also see some monsters.

What makes the new world so different?

This is not the first time New World has relied on such funds. They have shown their armor suits in a video of some fashion show. Although the atmosphere of New World is gloomy and still dominated by serious dark fantasy, the video introducing the content is quite funny.

Considering that New World has revised the entire game concept since it was announced as a game focused on PvP, this style change is exciting. Therefore, it is not uncommon for fans of New World to see things that are inconsistent with their views on the game.

Nevertheless, humorous videos are viral in the community and rarely receive negative criticism. Therefore, look forward to the new world: the next episode that settles down will also be well received, and we will also see the next content update presented in less brutal scenes.

When you laugh at something, it is more likely to stay in your mind rather than information. There have been hundreds of announcement trailers for various games, most of which remain unchanged in structure. Amazon uses humor instead of content listings to bring pleasant fresh air to videos and dots.

However, this is not an entirely new idea. When you think of exciting announcement videos, the first thing you think of is Devolver Digital. In addition to its games, the publisher is also known for its attractive E3 appearance, which should always be full of humor.

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