Battlefield 2042 wants to ensure a complete match in multiplayer

The developer DICE relies on robots to keep the server fully loaded in the Battlefield 2042 multiplayer game with up to 128 players. But they not only have to fill the game but also perform other valuable functions. For example, EZPLAYERS summarizes the role of AI opponents in shooting games.

What’s new in it?
So far, AI opponents are mainly used in the story mode of the battlefield branch. For example, occasionally, there will be a cooperative mode of Battlefield 3-besides that, robots are not visible in multiplayer games.
However, in Battlefield 2042, robots will play a different new role. If there are not enough participants in the 128-player game, they are mainly used to populate the server. But for AI enemies, there are other positions besides the simple filling option.

Where does the information come from?

They can be found on the official website of Battlefield 2042. There is a lot of other information about the shooter. We explain to you how to use the robot.

Robots in Battlefield 2042 ensure complete matching and also support cooperation and single-player training.

No matter which region you are in, the robot should make sure that you always have enough opponents to surprise you in the game. But the robot has two other exciting functions:
Cooperation: You can start the game with your friends. In the game, you will only encounter AI opponents.
Solo: You can also fight other robots yourself.

How should this work?
There is very little information on the official website of Battlefield 2042. We are talking about the co-op and single-player games in the conquest and breakthrough mode. It is not clear whether this also applies to the game mode planned later.

For example, whether four robots compete with 60 other robots against 64 enemy robots is unclear. However, since these patterns are mentioned, a complete robot team can be assumed. It is also unclear how much leeway you have when creating this type of game and whether you can determine the number of robots.
In any case, single-player and co-op should be an excellent way to hone your skills before entering multiplayer combat. It remains to be seen how clever the enemy’s artificial intelligence is. They are unlikely to replace real players.

After all, for example, you can practice flying skills peacefully using jets and helicopters. In addition, the seven large-scale launch maps of Battlefield 2042 may also have less pressure to explore.

When will Battlefield 2042 be released?
The Sagittarius is scheduled to be released on October 21, 2021. The game is available for PC, PS4, and PS5, as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

However, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be very different from the newer console variants. For example, there should be a maximum of 64 players on a map, that is, only half. Therefore, it is unclear whether the robot will also be used there.

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