Valheim First Significant update, to be released soon

Valheim announced its first significant update in a new blog post, including release and content. The update is mainly aimed at the builders of Valheim, but it also provides fresh content for everyone. In a post on Steam, the developers of Valheim announced that Hearthstone would be released in the third quarter of 2021. That will be between July 1st and September 30th-so it may be very soon. The delay is mainly because you want to fix the error first. At the same time, they informed the community that the four updates promised this year could not be fulfilled. The roadmap will be revised accordingly. According to the developers, they are not ready to welcome players who want more supplies now.

What’s in Hearth & Home?

In the developer post, they also introduced some new content. The new range is mainly for players using the Valheim building system-when you look at the community. And this should be an essential part:

New components for roofs and windows made of dark wood.

Extension of the cooking station: a spice rack, a slaughter station, pots and pans

Onion planting players are already eager to plant new fruits and vegetables

There are also fresh foods and revised endurance and health systems. Food is an essential factor in the battle of Valheim and can provide you with powerful buffs.

Valheim new content.

Valheim appeared out of thin air in February 2021, achieved great success, and even ranked in the top five on Steam. Millions of Valheim enter this world every day, farming, building, and fighting there.

Survival games provide a lot of content for single-player and co-op players. However, many players have now played everything and put down all the bosses. The only thing left for you is to continue to build more, use mods to make Valheim more exciting, or reinvent yourself. Many people are waiting for new content, which should eventually appear in Hearth & Home. The content is also known after the first update, and the specific release time is unknown. Including three new biomes, you can already discover

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