STEAM new Survival Game Palworld Mixes POKÉMON with CALL OF DUTY

Palworld, a new open-world RPG focused on production and survival, is about to land on Steam. The colorful creatures in the game are a bit reminiscent of Pokémon and are eye-catching. However, these are not primarily used in combat but as slaves and protective shields. The idea of the game is trendy, but the developers have been criticized.

What kind of game is this?

In Palworld, you mainly fight for survival. With a gun, you can use it to defend against other players, your base, and your partners.

Pal is a cute monster playing around the world.

you could:

Tame and collect

For breeding

horse riding

Used as a farm or factory worker

Sent to battle with other players

Block in front of you as a protective cover to block other players’ shots

It should even be possible to slaughter your friends and then eat them. According to the game’s official description, this should be illegal, no matter what it means in this crazy world.

Unlike Pokémon, Pal is not your friend and partner but a means to an end.

When should Palworld appear?

According to Steam, Palworld’s release date should be 2022 (via Steam). The exact details of Alpha or Beta testing are not yet available.

The official trailer lets you see the game for the first time:

What can you see in the trailer? 

Palworld’s first game trailer is reminiscent of a Pokémon clone in the first few seconds, in which you can grab Pal, ride and hatch from an egg. You can also think of them like farm animals, such as pulling carts or helping to build houses.

However, halfway through the trailer, the screen changed. Suddenly, guns and rocket launchers started to work, and players used them to fight each other. Pal also participated in the battle.

Towards the end, the trailer became darker. A friend was used as a protective shield against gunfire and then thrown away. Other partners on the assembly line must make weapons.

The developer was criticized for trying to complete another game.

What is the criticism for?

Developer Pocketpair has released the game Craftopia on Steam in early access in 2020. Exploring, making, and building large factories are daily tasks there.

The game was top-rated from the start, and our author Sascha Asendorf was impressed: I now understand why Craftopia is still so popular despite the early access.

But now there are more and more complaints:

The development of Craftopia is prolonged, mixing too many genres at once but not providing a service.

In turn, the developers announced Palword’s new game, which is why players are now worried that Craftopia will never be completed.

They were also afraid that the developers just wanted to sell quick money, so the game was developed quickly, and it was quickly removed from the shelves.

However, on June 5th, the developers commented on this and stated that two independent teams are working. Fifteen employees will work on Craftopia, and five newly hired developers will work on Palworld. Craftopia should also receive performance improvements in the next major update on June 23 (via Steam).

What do you think of the new game Palworld? Are you interested in the mix of Pokémon and Call of Duty? Have you already gained experience with Craftopia? Feel free to write in the comments.

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