Elyon vs Swords of Legends Online Which new MMORPG is more suitable for you?

Before the end of the year, Elyon and Sword of Legends Online are two new MMOs from Asia that are vying for the favor of players. Elyon is from South Korea, and Sword of Legends Online is from China. The payment modes of the two are the same, but which MMORPG is more suitable for you?

What type of MMORPG are they? Elyon and Sword of Legend Online are two Buy2Play MMORPGs. After purchasing once, you can play the game forever.

Elyon itself is a classic theme park MMORPG, but dedicated his body and soul to PvP-players can hardly avoid this. Elyon will have a cash store, which may include pay-to-win elements. The details of the Western Store Edition will be announced later.

Sword of Legend is also a theme park MMORPG for players focused on PvE and can choose to include PvP on their wish list. There is also a cash shop here, but it only sells cosmetics.

When will the two MMORPGs go on sale?

Elyon has no fixed release date, but it should appear in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Similarly, Legend of Sword and Fairy Online: Official, MMORPG should appear a few weeks after Beta 2 (June 8) ends. This version is expected to be released at the end of June/early July.

Elyon-an open-world theme park MMO focused on PvP

How was Eleon built?

Elyon aims at classic MMORPG players and relies on modern action combat systems to give the game more vitality. Especially the former Tera players should feel at home soon here, especially since this is the same developer.

From there:

Class 6


Open PvP / faction PvP





Linear task sequence from one area to another

In Elyon, the mission is the means to an end. Thanks to the linear design, you can hone your way in the levels to solve more challenging content in the endgame and experience exciting PvP battles.

Legendary Sword: Wonderful game world, no open game world, less PvP

What is the structure of the legendary sword? SOLO is also a theme park MMORPG, but it lacks the open world of Elyon. These areas are instantiated here. The level rise is rather unremarkable, and tasks from one location will guide you to another until you reach the highest level. Like Elyon, the game provides:

Class 6




Linear task sequence


Raid/World boss


Faction PvP (limited at the beginning)

In the level phase, Sword of Legends is not much different from Elyon: here, you have to complete the mission bit by bit and fight to the next area in your way. With the highest level, dungeons and raids become more demanding and provide various levels of difficulty. The PvP system can only be activated from the highest level.

The combat system used here is a combat system that mixes tag targets and faster actions. This unique feature: each of the six professions has two paths, depending on the type. This can be used as a healer, tank, ranged, or melee tank.

The world of Chinese Xianxia, which is reminiscent of classic works such as Ambush on Ten Sides, serves as the story background. You can float, fly by the sword, and travel fast in the fantasy world of SOLO.

Elyon relies on adaptability skills, and SOLO convinces with powerful graphics.

Are there features that other MMORPGs do not have?

Elyon stands out with its complex skill system, where the skills can be adjusted in great detail according to your game style or current requirements.

Legend of Sword and Fairy Online is currently the most exquisite MMORPG, and it uses a magnificent game world and excellent animation to cast magic for you. In addition, MMORPG provides many features, rankings, and success, even in the list of friends who want to be discovered first. Some mini-games offer employment.

The vast difference in the endgame

In the final game, you will notice very clear which of the two MMORPGs is right for you. This is the most significant difference between Elyon and Sword of Legends Online.

What does Elyon value in the final stage? As expected, Elyon’s focus in the last step is:


Equipment and weapon upgrades


Open game world conflict

Elyon made it clear in a short period that the focus of the game is: you need high-quality equipment to fight against monsters or players. Unfortunately, this made me feel the necessary sharpening.

So equipment needs to be upgraded to compete with Elyon’s best players. These upgrades are simplified by the cash store in the Korean version, similar to the advancements in the Black Desert. It is not clear whether this store will also come to the West in this way. Publisher Kakao Games has not yet offered the store in the first beta.

Combining mob grind, repetitive activities, and cash stores, the game does not seem suitable for casual gamers rather than frequent gamers who don’t necessarily refuse real money bets.

What is the value of the legendary sword in the endgame?

Sword of Legends Online provides you with similar content here, but not as time-consuming as Elyon. Here, you will spend most of your time:





Customize the cosmetics of the character’s appearance

The Juggernaut also made it very clear here. Thanks to the rapid progress of levels, you can quickly participate in the endgame and deal with world leaders and dungeons of various difficulty levels. There is a ranking list for almost everything, where successfully addicted players will find enough motivation to invest a lot of time in the game.

In addition, there are only decorations. By using real money, players will not gain any in-game advantage. Therefore, once you have acquired and upgraded your equipment in PvPvE, you can quickly deal with it.

Sword of Legends provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the game world or wait for the next content update. Online enforcement due to progress in competition is limited here.

In addition to the difference in gameplay

What do the graphics look like? Elyon and Sword of Legends have significant differences in graphics and artistic style. However, Elyon will remind learning audiences like Tera, Aion, BDO, and similar Korean MMORPG games that Legendary Sword is very close to China’s fairy-Xia background, the era of martial arts, or the soul of the sword.

Sword of Legends Online has an excellent user interface that you can fully customize. Include valuable tools from the beginning, such as damage gauges.

Does MMORPG have Pay2Win? Both MMOs have cash stores.

Elyon may provide you with content-related items that can affect the character’s power or accelerate the progress of the game (ElyonAIR ).

Sword of Legends Online relies entirely on decorative content that does not change the gameplay. He asserted that even under the leadership of German publisher Gameforge, this situation would not change.

Eleon and the future of the legendary sword

What are the plans for the upcoming update? The goal is to place Elyon as close as possible to the Korean version (ElyonAIR).

Swordsman Love is also doing well because MMORPG has been on the market in China since 2019 and regularly receives new content. Western players should also be accessible.

Which game should I play?

Elyon is suitable for this type of player: if you are willing to invest a lot of time in MMORPG and like to collect your success against other players in PvP, you are right. Elyon also has PvE, and dungeons are also good, but everything is for the purpose. This means improving the equipment and presenting yourself in front of other players. The lone wolf had a more complicated life in Eleon.

The combination of time investment, social interaction in the guild, and a clear focus on competition is aimed at mid-to-hardcore players who take Elyon seriously.

Of course, you should also pay attention to the cash store, which has some resources to solve this situation to speed up the whole process. And it is just a collection partner for you to save loot or a small portion that can temporarily increase the value of your character.

The sword of legend is worthwhile for this type of player: MMORPG provides a lot of content, which is attractive to casual and frequent gamers. If you are not familiar with MMO, the game may be a bit confusing. If you join the guild quickly and get the support of other activists, it makes sense. There must be a social aspect in Sword of Legends Online.

However, the game relies on traditional Chinese stories and optics and may not suit every player.

From then on, you can do many things in the game. The premise is that you struggle hard in the slow upgrade system. Then, you can choose between a large number of dungeons, and in different levels of raids in the future, you can enjoy PvP in different game modes or explore other game areas.

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