Which are the Most Genuinely Challenging Role-playing games Worth playing 2021?

The good old days! When the hero is a real hero, role-playing games are still challenging, and we recognize the most potent Warhammer because it smashes 2D4+3+5 points of damage. But games like those at the time, with profound character design, ruthless tactical battles, and exciting stories, no one makes them today. Or is it? Traditional role-playing games are currently celebrating their well-deserved revival on Kickstarter and in the hearts of gamers. We showed old-school banners with titles with proud, heroic chests, even in modern times. This is mainly about the game. In the game, we manage a whole team of characters, have long conversations, and have as much freedom as possible when designing characters. A real role-playing game. Especially those under 15 years of age or older.

Solar Tower: Crown of Magister

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: Tactical Adventures | Release Date: May 27, 2021, | Platforms: Steam, GOG | Rating: 80

This is what it is all about: with our carefully selected heroes, and it will enter a dark dungeon in Solasta. Defeat the trolls, kill the dragons, and gain fame and honor. Even when creating characters, we formed a team according to our ideas. Due to its particularity, this has a significant impact on the subsequent game experience.

The combat system is compelling: in turn-based combat, we can act secretly, lash out or use the environment to give us an advantage.

Old school factor: Solasta: The Crown of the Magister means old school because it tries to convince us with virtues similar to the actual Dungeons and Dragons game. The dice determine success or failure, the battle is based on a turn-based system, and exciting creativity is rewarded. However, this story is more like an accessory, mainly carried by the human dynamics between our heroes. Solasta’s character development can also be convincing by giving us a lot of freedom of choice.

Suitable for the crowd: Friends of Dungeons and Dragons and those who want to be one of them. Or want to understand better what makes real nerds tick. Or enjoy the fun of tactical combat systems and in-depth character development. On the other hand, as a graphic obsession, you won’t get the value of your money.

Pillar of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Setting: Pirate/Fantasy | Developer: Obsidian | Release Date: May 8, 2018 | Platform: Steam & GOG | Rating: 92

This is its content: our hero is relaxing in his fortress and may start thinking about his adventures from the first part. But suddenly, the god Iosas marched through our castle, destroyed everything around us, and stole part of the soul of our guardian. How so? This is what we have to find out. We follow Eothas to the Deathfire Archipelago, which is why sea voyages play a more critical role in Pillars of Eternity 2 than in the first part. Gunpowder rifles can also be bought here now.

Old school factor: Even Pillars of Eternity started on Kickstarter, promising to revive the spirit of old infinite engine role-playing games (such as Baldur’s Gate)-they did it! A combination of six heroes, challenging real-time battles, complex character development, and many first-class written dialogues make the role-playing masterpiece seem to travel to the past. However, Pillars did not trample on the spot, but through its seaman scene to provide a very different method from other old RPGs we are used to.

Suitable for the crowd: fans of classic role-playing games, and those who have always wanted to know the charm of role-playing games, can look forward to a full range of carefree packages. Especially if you are looking for an exciting story with a character you love, you can’t go wrong here. Regardless of the story’s intensity, you should also be prepared for the many battles that make up a significant portion of the game time.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: Larian | Release Date: September 14, 2017 | Platform: Steam & GOG | Rating: 93

This is its content: the church threw us into a concentration camp because of our taboo magic. We must call a party (or up to three partners!) around us, pave the way for freedom in challenging rounds of battle, and plunge into a massive adventure including an enormous game world.

Old school factor: Original Sin 2 has shined like its predecessor, with incredible freedom in all areas of the game: from the development of non-professional characters to the freely explored game world to the most diverse of each mission solution. The game challenges us to go beyond its system-even if we kill every character we encounter, it still makes sense.

Suitable for the crowd: RPG veterans who are keen to try, like to explore on their own, and have a good impression of the game, good value for money. Unlike the first part, Original Sin 2 decorates the adventure with an exciting story full of clever characters. But it would be best if you were resistant to frustration. The game can become very ruthless in the first few hours, and the price of its freedom is occasional trial and error.

Wasteland 3

Setting: End Time | Developer: inXile | Release Date: August 28, 2020, | Platforms: Steam, GOG, and Game Pass | Rating: 85

This is its content: the post-apocalyptic wasteland is different. We traded three brown mud and the scorching desert sun for meter-high snow and one blizzard after another in the wasteland. As a member of a team of rangers, our hero set off for Colorado and was given the task of bringing three rebellious children back to him by the ruling patriarch.

Old school factor: The first Wasteland was released in 1987, paving the way for other classic works such as Radiation. Wasteland 3 uses authentic 3D graphics instead of pixel optics but remains faithful to the original spirit. This time we are also entirely free to create a team of six rangers and hire new companions during the journey.

Suitable for: Wasteland 3 shines with first-class written text and considerable freedom of choice-few people know what the best and correct method is. As a law enforcer in a lawless world, there is no guarantee of a happy ending, only tricky decisions, and their consequences. But you don’t always have to face these decisions alone because there is also a cooperative mode for two players in Wasteland 3.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: Owlcat Games | Release Date: September 25, 2018 | Platform: Steam & GOG | Rating: 89

This is its content: no one rules the predatory land except a pesky bandit baron. To change this grievance, we set out with a group of heroes. We wandered in the forests and valleys until we finally overthrew the bandit baron and ruled the predatory land as the official ruler. But this is only the beginning because in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, we manage our new field and personally protect it from various supernatural dangers.

Old school factor: Isometric role-playing games use the pen and paper system Pathfinder game mechanics because it has a highly complex set of rules. This is independent of DnD and is loved for its many character possibilities. This complexity and official license exudes more Baldur’s Gate style than almost any other CRPG on this list.

Suitable for: If you want to enter the multi-layer character system, then Pathfinder: Kingmaker welcomes your hard drive. Role-playing games will not hold your hand, and those who choose a more incredible difficulty should encounter some setbacks. But this requirement also forces us to learn the system and deal with every number in detail. This has established an unparalleled connection with the members of our team.

Opera: The Stolen Sun

Setting: Mythology | Developer: Zen Studios | Release Date: March 29, 2019, | Platforms: Steam, GOG, Epic Store and Game Pass | Rating: 84

This is what it is all about: the highlight of Operancia is not so much its story as its fairy tale game world. It is composed of a dreamy combination of fantasy elements and mythology from Central Europe to Eastern Europe. The national symbol of the white miracle deer is famous in Hungary. The name that appears is Csodaszarvas, which is difficult for us to pronounce.

Old school factor: Although most of the other games on this list imitate Baldur’s Gate, Operencia presents itself as a very traditional dungeon crawler from a first-person perspective. For example, like the Bard story in the past, we roam in highly diverse environments, not just dungeons. Annoying monsters lurked there, but we just sizzled them in turn-based battles.

Suitable for the crowd: Although Operancia will provide a pleasant sense of nostalgia, especially for old-school role players, players under 30 can also have fun from it. Because there is an almost old game concept in it, Operancia still looks as good as people expect today. Thanks to the new comfort features, RPG also combines the advantages of the past with modern achievements. This is what makes Operencia worthy of every RPG fan trying.

Disco Elysium

Scenario: Crime | Developer: ZA / UM | Release Date: October 15, 2019 | Platform: Steam & GOG | Rating: 91

This is its content: You wake up with a complete hangover in a wholly destroyed hotel room. You have lost your memory. But it’s not because you are the chosen person, losing your soul or something. You just drank too much. Question: You are a detective, and you should solve a murder case here. This may indeed be something.

Old-school factor: Bliss Disco may be an isometric role-playing game, but it also dares to conduct many experiments. Because there is almost no battle in this role-playing game, you have to search for more clues worldwide, such as in one of the early point-and-click adventures. Only in this case can the detective decide which hints you will get and hidden from you forever.

Suitable for: You should not avoid reading a lot of text and having a lot of conversations. Disco Elysium is one of the most unusual old-fashioned role-playing games because of its settings. But when we say it is equivalent to an RPG masterpiece, please trust us. In the course of the story, you can adjust the detective on many levels to improve his values and shape his personality. A unique experience, the published Elysium: Final Cut now also has German text and English voice output

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Setting: Cyberpunk | Developer: Harebrained Schemes | Release Date: August 20, 2015, | Platform: Steam, GOG and Epic Store | Rating: 80


This is what it is all about: in Shadowrun: Hong Kong’s Cyberpunk Dystopia, technology merges with fantasy. We are heading to the future of Hong Kong and will soon be hunted down by the relevant authorities. We found refuge in the shadow walker of the same name and tried to cheer up again with their help.

Old school factor: Like its predecessor, Shadowrun: Hong Kong brought the 26-year-old Shadowrun desktop universe back to the PC and packaged it into a very classic role-playing game. From an isometric perspective, we guide our team of heroes through turn-based tactical battles and a text window dialogue throughout the book. Especially the colorful and famous characters are the core of this CRPG.

Suitable for: Those who can ignore moderate fighting when the story is correct will get their money in Shadowrun: Hong Kong with excellently written dialogue. Orcs implanted in the network, magicians next to hackers, cunning characters instead of radiant heroes: the gloomy Shadowrun world is refreshing and perfectly captured in the game. It is worth a visit.

Planescape Torment

Environment: Fantasy | Developer: inXile | Release Date: February 28, 2017, | Platforms: Steam, GOG and Game Pass | Rating: 89

This is what it is all about: among the spiritual successors of Planescape Torment, and we play an abandoned shell of an immortal god: he jumps from one body to another and lives forever. But the shots he left behind developed his consciousness—they were chased by an unstoppable force that wanted to erase this violation of the natural cycle from the earth.

Old school factor: text. A lot of text. Good writing! Of all the games on this list, Numenera’s Tide has made the fewest concessions to modern role-playing games and is more like a gamebook – and an excellent book.

Suitable: The new torture is only ideal for role players who like to solve problems in conversation and fight only in emergencies. The turn-based combat system is the biggest weakness of the game, but we can bypass almost any combat. In any case, every character in this game should have some exciting things to say. Dialogue makes us think, ask deep questions, touch us or make us laugh. They are long, yes, sometimes even long-but they are never dull.

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