Palia is the Perfect new MMO for fans of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

The new MMO Palia relies on fishing, agriculture, and housing. It hopes to combine these elements with the social aspects of MMO. It was developed by veterans who had worked at Blizzard and Riot Games. In Discord, they answered many questions and revealed new details about Palia.

What kind of game is this? Palia puts the comfort of MMO at the forefront. Instead of constantly fighting giant monsters and crawling in the sultry dungeon, build your own house in Palia and meet neighbors.

You play as a person who can decorate his house with more than 1,000 items

Various activities such as fishing, farming, or hunting await you in the game

You can marry an NPC or make friends

Fighting is possible, but they play a subordinate role

However, many new details were announced in further interviews and the disharmony of the game. Palia is mainly aimed at fans of games such as Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley and hopes to bring them into the MMO world.

Palia abandons player death and time gate.

Regarding the game world, we know this: Palia should bet on a big world, but part of it contains examples. You can explore the world on foot or use a glider. There will be a fast travel system, so you don’t always have to travel long distances.

In general, the game world is very concerned about shopping carts. For example, you can experience them through conversations and books. In addition, players should be able to influence the story themselves.

An hour in the real world should be the same as a day in Palia. So there are 15 minutes each in the morning, noon, evening, and evening.

As of now, all houses in the game world can be entered. However, NPCs will lock their house at certain times of the day, such as when they want to sleep at night. In addition, the developer also promised that players in the world would be able to find many Easter eggs.

We know about character creation: if you create a character in Palia, you can choose between two body types: more male and more female. However, there will be no fixed gender. The two body types share the same hairstyle but have different faces.

Currently, character creation remains simple, but there are many options for plans. In addition to humans, there should also be elves as a nation. The developers do not want to reveal whether there will be more competition.

We know craftsmanship: the developer emphasizes that there will be no choices, such as perseverance, money investment, or waiting time, which may restrict you from crafting or collecting.

The previously known collection and production content are:


Your farm




Make your device

A possible system to tame animals, but only to be considered in the future

Especially the topic of fishing has been discussed in depth. It should be based on the Stardew Valley system and connected to a small game. It should be easy to start fishing, but there is a learning curve, so you must understand the mechanics in-depth.

We know about housing: you get your own house by completing the tasks of the villagers. Your house and garden are instantiated, your retreat, but other players can visit you and help decorate in the future.

The furniture may not be placed anywhere, but if you want to put the bed in the kitchen, you can. In general, you shouldn’t have the most items you can put in your House.

Your land will always be yours, and it should not be sold in any way. It will also be impossible to steal items.

Regarding the combat system, we know this: In the current version of Palia, there is no actual combat. The most exciting content is hunting, where you can kill animals to produce food. For this, you can use a bow with a crosshair.

A combat system is planned in the future, but there should be no player deaths, and no magic will be used. In addition, there will be no trinity of tanks, healers, and DDs.

The dungeons are planned for the future, but they should be easy to complete without much preparation. A team should consist of up to 4 players.

However, the developer has repeatedly emphasized that all content related to combat and all more difficult challenges are optional. If you want, you should be able to experience Palia in total relaxation. This also applies to possible PvP, which may come in challenges, but should never happen in the open world.

The first test is under a non-disclosure agreement. The release should be carried out on as many platforms as possible.

We know pre-alpha: pre-alpha should happen within a few months, not a few quarters or years. You can register for this pre-alpha (via Palia), and if you are allowed to participate, you will be notified by email later.

The first test is under a non-disclosure agreement and will not include all essential functions. However, the progress made should be deleted before release.

We know about publishing: Palia should appear on the PC. In addition, the mobile version has a high priority. However, in general, this version is planned to be carried out on as many platforms as possible. If cross-play is possible, this should also be achieved.

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