The New World June Alpha Brings four many people have been waiting for innovations

New World MMO received a new update in June. In addition to fixing 1,209 bugs, this also brings many new features that players have been waiting for. Amazon also stated that this would not be the last update before the beta starts in July.

What are the significant changes?

The June update brought the following important innovations:

New character creation options, including new faces, hairstyles, beards, eye colors, skin tones, scars, and tattoos

Adjusted the distribution of experience points. Now the upgrade process takes longer

50 sets of new armor and 27 pieces of unique jewelry have been put into use

The company’s membership limit has been increased from 50 to 100

Amazon, therefore, revised the 4 points criticized by many players after the August 2020 test match. In particular, there has long been a desire for new character creation options. Unfortunately, there are currently no photos of this.

The level progress will be slower, but it should also feel less polished

What are the changes to the grading process? 

With the update in May, a new option to collect experience points was introduced. However, according to Amazon, this means that players are upgrading too quickly. Therefore, some adjustments have been made:

Starting at level 7, all required experience points (XP) have been increased by 40%

Vulnerabilities, significant events in the open world reduce XP by 10% to 20%. They also appear less frequently, so players don’t have to grind them all the time

XP provided by PvP Missions reduced by 20%

Faction missions generally provide less XP, but they have been redesigned and can now be completed individually.

However, at the same time, experience points increase through world stories (knowledge sheets in the open world) and finding landmarks. Most importantly, this should strengthen the impulse to explore.

Changes to critical assignments and UI

What changes have been made to the key assignments? Amazon realizes that most players use the space bar to jump and SHIFT to sprint. Therefore, the key distribution has been adjusted accordingly. Previously, the standard allocation was the opposite.

In addition to the fun adjustments, the UI of the new world has also been messed up:

You can now see a symbol next to the damage number to indicate the type of damage.

The added status effects are now communicated through icons and floating text and are displayed directly above the enemy’s health point bar.

The compass has been modified to display landmarks with names and only one distance away.

Tooltips have been redesigned, so they take up less space on the screen

Added new options for people with color blindness

There is also a new role selection screen. There you can see the characters created directly without going to the world to select first. However, each region (EU, North America, etc.) can have up to two roles, and each planet can only have one Role.

Are these the only changes? No, Amazon has released detailed patch notes (via Amazon) as usual. You will find some adjustments to fighting, balance, and other small things that we did not mention in this news.

In addition, since November 2020, there has been a significant alpha update every month, bringing the following innovations, including:

The first dungeon we have been able to try

New incentives for open-world PvP

Four new weapons, including magic ice gloves that can cause damage and freeze enemies

Several new areas, including a room with Asian temples

Fishing as a recent activity in the game world

Some adjustments to crafts, missions, and combat systems

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