About COD WARZONE SBMM function, skills, and Matching issues

SBMM is an important and sometimes controversial topic in Call of Duty: War Zone. Officially, it is not even sure whether this matching variant exists in the game. We answer the most critical questions about SBMM, showing the advantages and problems of the system and the tools you can use to keep an eye on your match. Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is a system in PvP games that determines which players will eventually enter the lobby together. Through strict SBMM, you will only enter the foyer with players who have the same skill level as you or your team.

To this end, SBMM can use a variety of key figures; these include:

A player’s kill to death ratio (K/D)

Match win rate

Key statistics from other players on the team

Headshot rate

In Call of Duty: War Zone, SBMM is a big problem. Many gamers believe that such an SBMM system is working, and its reputation is usually poor. SBMM should mean that you will encounter complex halls, and your gaming experience will be worse. In addition, so far, developers have hardly commented on the matching system in Call of Duty.

War Zone: Information about matchmaking and SBMM

What is SBMM?

SBMM stands for skill-based matchmaking, which helps to build a lobby in a PvP game. When SBMM is at the forefront of matching search, the player’s skills are considered the most critical factor in lobbying.

What is the goal of SBMM?

This is about creating a fair PvP lobby where players can compete with each other with the same skill level. Matching based only on SBMM will only attract players with metrics very similar to yours into the lobby. Other factors, such as region, connection, or hardware used, will not affect.

Call of Duty: Is there SBMM in the war zone?

Although the developers did not officially confirm this, there is inevitably SBMM in Warzone. But it is not strictly SBMM. Matching in Warzone considers more factors.

What is the Robot Hall in Warzone?

This is what the community calls the Warzone lobby, where only bad players will enter and exit. This is not about robots, NPC players, but about real players who are bad like robots. When the player manipulates the match in Warzone, they want to enter the robot lobby.

SBMM in Warzone-features and alternatives

How does SBMM work in Warzone? SBMM is an essential part of the Warzone pairing, but it is not the only part. Matching in Warzone is not strictly designed to match players with the same skill level as you. It’s about keeping yourself in the game for as long as possible.

Strong players often come to halls that are actually below their level, and even weak players will enter the sweaty halls with stronger players. This also applies to modern warfare and cold war multiplayer games, but it is more evident in theaters.

In Warzone, matching requires not only 12 players but 150 players. This means that the SBMM settings are weaker, and the lobby usually offers a broader range of skills.

What is the alternative to SBMM?

In previous CoD games, the algorithm to put the halls together was not that complicated. Connectivity is more or less the only important indicator-but not in every game. Players of different skill levels meet by chance.

Many players in the early CoD part wanted to restore the old system. This is also one of the reasons why SBMM is currently at a disadvantage. For these players, it feels worse because they think the lobby is more complicated, and connection gradually becomes a factor in matching.

Warzone: Bypass SBMM-system problem

What are the issues with SBMM in Warzone?

On the one hand, some players feel wrong about SBMM. This is because they think that they are entering a lobby where the opponent is too strong or the connection quality of the game is affected. This is especially true if you have played a few good rounds in advance. This can cause frustration, and for some players, it is a big problem in Warzone.

On the other hand, there is a chance to go beyond the system. Since SBMM is based on personal skills, you can manipulate your key figures. Smurfing or Reverse Boosting are two prominent examples that almost every player can implement. But solutions with VPNs or special routers are also used to deceive or manipulate SBMM.

What is mopping up?

 Strong players with high metrics create new accounts to enter the lighter lobby. Warzone evaluates players as beginners and places the Smurf account in the Robot Hall.

What is reverse promotion?

Game players deliberately create bad indicators to get a better lobby. Intentional loss and suicide are the most effective tools.

How does VPN change SBMM?

We can’t say for sure, but it does seem to make matching in Warzone a bit confusing. Here, YouTube user TheXclsuiveAce also started a series of experiments and found that you can use SBMM slightly through VPN.

Warzone: SBMM application and lobby tracker

Can I check my matching details? Yes, there are tools to access, save and analyze Warzone lobby information. The most famous tools:

CoD Tracker-Warzone (via tracker.gg)

SBMM application Warzone-Stats (via wzstats.gg)

On these sites, you can get a lot of information about your game performance, game time, and comparison with other player groups.

For a while, lobby tracking can even work in real time. With Warzone Companion, you can identify cheaters at an early stage. However, the system was used, and some players left the overly powerful lobby and hoped for the next game.

Call of Duty then closed a data interface, thereby accessing specific data. However, you can reopen this interface manually.

How can I share my Call of Duty details?

You can provide all players with your game data on the official website of Call of Duty (via callofduty.com). Sign in, go to your profile settings, and then go to the settings for Linked Accounts.

In one of your linked networks, set the menu item Visible Data to All. For example, you can now view your data through the CoD tracker. But please note that this also applies to other parts of the world.

If the setting is set to All, but you still cannot see the data, changing the option to None, refreshing the page, and then setting it back to All will help.

What does the Warzone SBMM app show me?

Regarding Warzone-Stats (via wzstats.gg), you can evaluate your performance against other players in Warzone. You will be classified based on whether you are in the top 10% of the critical person or the top 50. The highest categories are legends, masters, and diamonds. Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze rounded the whole thing at the bottom.

However, you will no longer get the classification of the lobby. You can see the data of the players who participated in the game, but many missing players have not opened the interface on callofduty.com.

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