You can use the crazy Heart of Azeroth Essences in WOW Patch 9.1 Dungeon

The new affix for the World of Warcraft 9.1 patch has finally been announced. You have gained incredible anima power in the dungeon! With patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion, World of Warcraft will start a new dungeon season. This also brings a new affix, which should bring additional pressure to players. Its first version can now be tested on PTR, and it sounds cool because your character can choose the mighty Heart of Azeroth Essences!

What is an affix? In the mythical dungeon, the enemies become more robust, and the so-called affixes have an additional impact on the player. The more complex the dungeon, the more affixes are rotated every week. However, the level 10 affixes are in one. The season is always the same, so most strategies and tactics are built around this affix.

What affix is ​​that? The new affix will be called Tormented, starting from the base stone level of 10, ensuring four extra small bosses in the dungeon. Boss is not tricky, but they give the player a kind of aura as long as they are in battle. The halo is:

Movement speed reduced by 50%
DOT effect (damage caused over time)
Healing volume decreased by 50%
Physical damage increased by 50%
If one or more of these minor bosses are not defeated, the aura of the last boss in the dungeon will also be active!
However, another reason to defeat the little Boss is worthwhile: for each defeated little Boss, the whole team can choose a Heart of Azeroth Essences, which is still valid in the rest of the dungeon.

What anima power is there? Very few. We have listed some of the most relevant here:
Strengthening heraldry:
Enemies who die within 40 meters of you will increase your damage by 4% for 20 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Further stacking will not refresh the duration.

Broken Mirror: Reduced magic damage taken by 15%.

Champion Brand: As long as your health exceeds 70%, your speed or critical strike rate will increase by 8%.
Dripping Teeth: When your health is below 25%, you have 25% extra life to steal.

The root of Sharadhir: As long as you stand still, you will heal 6% of your maximum health every 3 seconds.
Hunting backpack: You give all allies within 20 yards an additional 30% movement speed.

Volcanic Feather: When causing damage to the target, there is a chance to create a volcano below the target, which erupts after 2.5 seconds, causing damage to all enemies within 3 meters and knocking them into the air.

The Stone Ward: You get a shield that exceeds 20% of your maximum health. The security is updated every 30 seconds.

At first glance, this does not seem to be the case. The provided Heart of Azeroth Essences seems to depend on the roles of the respective boss and player. For example, when a magician defeats Akolas, he will always obtain the same three mental abilities. At least so far, it seems to be the case on the PTR.

How the new affix works and whether it still needs fine-tuning will show in the coming weeks. However, some Heart of Azeroth Essences from Togast also spilled into other content, which looks promising.

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