Why not use the new Features of WOW TBC CLASSIC

You can purchase the deluxe version and level upgrades separately as the pre-patches for World of Warcraft TBC Classic are installed. This sounds like a helpful tool, but it is not necessarily desirable. Especially new players should be careful here. What is that feature? Two new items are now available for purchase in the Blizzard Store, giving you access to digital add-ons in TBC Classic:

Burning Crusade Deluxe Edition
And the Dark Gate Pass
In both cases, you can guarantee a role promotion at level 58. The enhanced characters can immediately start using the new Burning Crusade content to be played at level 58. They will also get mounts and normal riding abilities, weapon skills, equipment and WOW gold, backpacks, and flight routes.

The promotion is unique. Each account can only bring one character to level 58, and no further upgrades can be purchased.

On its own, this is a very reasonable offer if you want to be with friends or want to watch Burning Crusade. However, I should carefully consider whether you wish to use the boost and if you’re going to use it, how you want to use it. We provide you with three reasons why you should not use the boost.

You learn to cherish your time again.
It takes a long time to upgrade in Classic. This sounds like an argument in favor of a boost, but it is opposed. Because by investing time in the role, you first learn to appreciate this effort again.

If you need to spend an hour or more to improve, the tight beam of light will make people feel more satisfied. Each new piece of equipment is a bright spot because it means that the next level may be earlier.

Projects are also related to effort. You do not have any heirlooms that can be upgraded with you, and you have not received rewards suitable for your level from each mission. Items from quests are rare, and dungeons will take some time if anything suits you.

It can quickly go through an instance three or more times before getting one of the parts you want. New weapons, shields, or breastplates will be worn with pride and contentment until they are replaced at some point.

You learn to love the world and the game.
Over the years, World of Warcraft has made millions of players happy, and this enthusiasm is no coincidence. The deep story and the vast world are part of the reason why many fans fall in love with World of Warcraft.

In Classic, there are still mission series that can take you all over the world and then back again. Running is annoying, but if you are interested in the story, you will find many interesting details and information in the task text and environment.

In a series of personal betrayals on Onyxia’s lair request, conspiracy and hypocrisy are like a huge story, and some horrors come out. If you use the boost, you will no longer find all these great stories-or you will have to catch them later. Honestly: who is voluntary?

Today, in the retail industry, many of these tasks have been reduced to speed up progress. So you no longer have this experience there. In addition, even if each faction has a second or third character, Azeroth is big enough to discover new things.

You will get to know your real class.
The last and most crucial point is that you will approach your class step by step as your level improves. You don’t have a few magic wands full of skills, but learn something step by step.

In this way, not only can you learn more and more knowledge from the course, but you can also better evaluate which spells you need and which ones you don’t need. This will make your action bar better sorted and clear.
Since the upgrade phase takes quite a long time, you have spent dozens of hours with your character before your first dungeon or even the raids and PvP battles in The Burning Crusade. This means that significantly fewer errors will occur, or you can still salvage an out-of-control situation.

It is more likely that this is not the case with an improvement, and you may even risk losing interest in the game. If you are immediately thrown into the endgame, it can be frustrating not to understand any of them.
Finally, you only need two to three skills for many courses, but you need the experience to know this. The Classic is not necessarily more complex than retail, but it is broader.

When can I use a boost?
If you are sure that you want to skip the level stages, you should be familiar with your course. This is not about the gameplay of retail World of Warcraft, but the past.

Today, all courses are played very differently. The promotion only really makes sense if you know very well how your role was working at the time or if you are ready to learn it again.

In any case, please be prepared. Even if there is an improvement, you will have to spend a few more hours learning lessons and organizing spells. Even with a guide, you need some time to stop making mistakes.

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