MMO New World showcases rural scenery with Powerful PvP Fortresses

Amazon’s New World of MMO introduces the Windcrees area in more detail in the form of a small documentary. There are various places for players to explore.

You will find: The video shows a variety of landscapes. Starting from the green grassland which is perfect for collecting raw materials, you will continue to the main settlement of WINDWARD. There, you will find a small river, a forge and a station where you can make clothes.

You can also visit places such as hotels and tanneries. You can build ranged weapons or furniture for living in the new world there.

Its idyllic scenery in the north of the city has become less. From there you can enter the Temple of American. But this is not necessarily a good idea for beginners, because Amrhein digging is one of that adventures-a kind of dungeon that will indeed challenge players. EZPLAYERS editor Alexander Leitsch was allowed to give it a try-here he talks about his experience in the dungeon.

In the northwest of WINDWARD, you will find Fort WINDWARD. This is a fortress that can compete with other players. By controlling the fortresses of the new world, all factions can earn bonuses. The video shows that defenders can rely on tools such as bolt action guns or ball guns, and attackers can use the gaps behind the fort to deceive its fortifications.

It also describes the dangers of the new world. Everything is there from the “fallen” who gather on the edge of the area to the dangerous cougars. Those who don’t want to fight can take out the fishing rod and relax while fishing.

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