Which are The Elder Scrolls Online NPC that players like?

One of The Elder Scrolls Online strengths is storytelling. You will encounter many cool scenes, which usually only become interesting through weird NPCs. Especially in your memory, is the villain you love and hate most. There are also cool boys and girls that everyone likes, and their original characters make every scene an experience.

Sir Cadwell

Who is this? In ESO, every player should be familiar with Sir Cadwell, because you have already encountered the weird old knight in the basic game tutorial. This is about a former imperial knight who has lost his mind and soul and has been wandering around Kaltafen ever since.
He helped the player hero escape from Coldhafen and appeared again and again. Even in Elsweyr, he has an important story.

Why is he so great? Sir Cardwell still wears proper armor, but he combines various cooking utensils together. He was wearing a large pot on his head, otherwise he would use a pot and baking pan to protect himself. You can even use the pot as a helmet in the game.
Apart from his curious clothes, Cadwell didn’t seem to be involved mentally. Because he dismissed things that were strange to him, and spoke very confusedly. This situation is very good, especially in the original version, because the legendary British comedian John Cleese gave him a voice, and seems to be completely obsessed with the role of this weird, slightly crazy knight.
Therefore, when Cadwell appears, we can be sure that weird scenes and a lot of laughter will appear.

What’s his secret? Sir Cadwell appears in Elsweyr’s story again, and we finally learn more about his past. This weird knight was once called the Traitor Cardwell and was an evil villain. As the story progressed, he even returned through witchcraft. Therefore, the cute lunatic is also a dangerous villain.


Who is this? Razum-dar, only useful for friends. Raz is a brisk Khajiit, the head of the intelligence department serving the high elf queen. But he likes to do dirty work by himself and handle sensitive matters himself. It includes saving heroes when joining Dominion. He is unconditionally loyal to the queen, even if he is rude, direct behavior is not good for everyone.

Why is he so great? Imagine James Bond is a cunning tomcat, and add some interesting sayings, and you think of Razum-dar. When discovering the whole thing or frustrating the enemy’s conspiracy in a primitive way, Kajit always exists.
Due to its charming and sarcastic attitude, Razum-dar has received sympathy from many ESO fans and is considered one of the most popular NPCs in the game. In addition, when we find a funny humor in Elsweyr, for example, Raz is considered lazy inaction by his family, and they don’t know anything about the most important task of being a spy.

What’s his secret? Many of Razuda Dar’s affairs are not always without consequences. Therefore, he has at least one cute Khajiit kitten as an offspring, he does not want to raise himself, but gives his hero as a pet to your hero. It’s dark!

Naryu Virian

Who is this? Naryu Virian is a notorious agent of the Dunmer Assassination Guild Morag-Tong. She is cunning, cheeky, and efficient. Compared with other members of her profession and many others, she has a sense of black humor and a brisk and seductive attitude.

Why is she so good? Naryu is a cool assassin, always approaching her victims with mocking expressions. Her behavior is usually disrespectful and cheeky, but she will not avoid mischievous mocking each other, thus irritating them. In addition, she found that even the most terrible things are interesting.
The role she played was so good that she even made animations based on her in the game. Because although the regular assassin scene depicts a stinging bayonet, the arrogant assassin animation inspired by the Nalu School is just: the actions of a cheeky person who does not respect anyone or anyone.

What’s her secret? Among them, Jackie Chan has nicknamed the beautiful darkness because she belongs to an immoral guild of assassins. Morag-Tong is a group of legal assassins who carried out an official honor assassination on behalf of Morrowind’s upper house. Therefore, despite her sympathy, Jackie Chan is still a cold murderer, and her conscience has victimized many victims.

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