Player won’t buy Cosmetics in the New World until 2022

In the past few weeks, the Amazon MMO New World game store has been severely criticized. The term Pay2Win is also used in this context. Now, the team will explain how the store will continue after launch. That’s all there is to it: The Alpha phase of MMO New World is currently underway. A few weeks ago, the game team explained how the in-game store works.

The primary purpose of the shop is to sell cosmetics
But you should also be able to buy boosters for handcrafting and gain experience points there
Amazon initially guaranteed that boosters would not be used in the beginning.
It is now clear and explained that until 2022, there would only be cosmetics in stores.
We will show you what the developers know about the New World Store.

I won’t buy cosmetics in the New World until 2022
That’s the plan: If everything goes according to plan, the MMO New World should be released on August 31, 2021. The New World team wrote in a blog post that they would provide many categories of themed cosmetics at the beginning of the game. They should match the endgame equipment visually. This includes:
Theme clothing and weapon skins: Theme skins that can be applied to existing clothing or weapons to change their visual style
House decoration and pets: home furnishings and pets
Expressions: A new way to express yourself through dancing, gestures, and other unique animations
Dye Pack: Although you can earn a lot of luminous pigments to make dyes, different colors are also available in the store
Company logo: New designs will be available in the store to personalize your company’s logo.

This is still new
It is now in the alpha version: the store will be online on the New World alpha server on May 25th. During Alpha, the only items that can be purchased are cosmetics. Compared with players without gamers, gamers do not have any game advantage.
The items displayed in the store should only be samples. These should not be items that should be provided at the beginning of the game.
Plans: The purpose of the store is to provide players with items they consider valuable. However, they do not give any items to express their feeling that they are a prerequisite for enjoying the game. In the process, New World is also considering the use of battle passes.
The team set three primary goals for the New World game store:
Enable expressive personalization
These items should give you more options to customize the colors of your characters and give them new looks for armor and weapons.
Maintain a level playing field
The store will not provide discounts in the form of PvE or PvP. Our goal is that there is no Pay2Win that any players will find in the store.
Involve veterans and invite newcomers
New players who join later will have the opportunity to catch up with the veterans through increased experience points quickly. These offers can be purchased in the store or earned in the game. It is not yet possible to foresee when such items will be released. To do this, you must first observe the player’s progress and the player’s feedback results.

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