Outriders finally brought the 1.08 patch, which should save you from annoying armor errors

In the 1.08 patch, Outriders hopes to solve a severe problem that affects damage calculations and may cause frustrating player deaths. EZPLAYERS summarizes the patch notes for you. What’s in the patch? Patch 1.08 is mainly used to repair annoying armor bugs. In some cases, he can ensure that the calculation of the armor value does not work correctly, and the player can take additional damage. There are other fixes and adjustments. But you should not expect widespread changes. According to the developer People Can Fly, this armament error is complex and challenging to fix. We provide you with an overview of the patch notes and summarize the current status of Outriders for you.

1.08 patch notes
When is the patch online? The 1.08 patch will be downloaded from May 25th. The download size on Steam is 2.2 GB.
For which platforms is the patch released? Patch 1.08 has been released for PC, PS4, and PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Unfortunately, Google Stadia users are still lagging.
In addition to the armor bugs already mentioned, there should be some minor fixes to the crash. In addition, the types of certain enemies have been modified. The patch notes are from the Outriders subreddit, posted by the developers here.

These are the fixes:
It fixed a bug that could cause the armor value to be miscalculated, which could cause the player to take additional damage.
The enemy types of Broodmother have been redesigned, as specific attacks can quickly kill the player in one hit.
They fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to log in.
Various causes of crashes have been fixed.
Other minor bug fixes have been implemented.

The developer also pointed out that errors may still be displayed on the final screen of the expedition. The Blocked Damage value may not be shown correctly.
This is a beauty flaw, not an actual problem of preventing damage during the expedition.
You are still asked to report any issues with weapons and armor modules and continue to provide feedback.
Outsiders also have many other problems. For example, the version of Google Stadia lags behind all other platforms. The developers here promise to keep them up to date. Since then, there is no new information about it.
There are also problems with the liar’s whirlwind technique, and since its release, fans have been waiting for a fix. It is not clear whether another patch with further bug fixes will be released shortly. But there is other news about the future of Outriders.

It looks like we can rely on some DLC.
What’s the future? Last week, People Can Fly and Square Enix once again confirmed the success of Outriders. Even if there are many problems, this is just the beginning. They want to continue to support the game. Will there be DLC? Looks like. This comes from a tweet from the developer People Can Fly, which published many statistics about Outriders. The developers thank the fans for their support.

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