Top 3 Best Weapons in Apex Legends

After nine seasons of updates and innovations in Apex Legends, Apex Legends, the royal battle royale shooter, now has 26 weapon arsenals. These weapons are divided into different categories and use a total of five different types of ammunition. Therefore, pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, and precision rifles. These three weapons should not be lacking in any arsenal. If you find one of them, make sure to add it to your output. Why are the most blatant guns missing? Now, we focus on weapons that you can also find regularly in the game. Although they are perfect, weapons dedicated to caring kits, such as Kraber and Prowler, are not included.

M600 Spitfire-machine gun for shooting, shooting, and shooting
What kind of weapon is that? The M600 Spitfire is well-deserved. Because it is a light machine gun, it can fire heavy ammunition and has a huge magazine.

Is she doing so well? As mentioned earlier, Spitfire has a huge magazine. Even without any modification, 35 bullets entered the magazine. For comparison: This is the number of shots for other weapons (if any) at the maximum magazine level. In theory, the capacity of the Spitfire can reach 50. If you play Mechanic Rampart, there are even 57 bullets!
In addition, every shot also has a good injury. This means that you can happily grab it with the Spitfire and sift through enemies. Even in red armor, no one can stand there for long. 11 hits should be enough.
Since most weapons in Apex Legends only have small magazines, and you need to reload more frequently in battle, Spitfire provides a reliable hail of projectiles, so you don’t need to worry about reloading.
How is her performance on the court? Spitfire is particularly suitable for the new arena mode after the 9th season because large magazines are very beneficial to fierce battles. Since Spitfire upgrades are pretty expensive, you should only treat yourself well in future rounds to dominate the endgame again.
What do you need to look for with Spitfire? The reload time and rate of fire of the Spitfire are not optimal. If you have to change the magazine, please find a safe place. Or play Rampart. She can refill the machine gun faster.
Ideally, you can fight the Spitfire at mid-range, and close combat is not as good as a fast-fire weapon. Remember, when ready, the heavy Spitfire runs slower than other weapons. In terms of accessories, you mainly need a more prominent magazine so that you can shoot more.

Bocek bow-the new star in the game
What kind of weapon is that? This is a bow for archery. But Bocek is not a primitive thing from the Stone Age, but a high-tech weapon with unique new functions.

Is she doing so well? Bocek is a sniper weapon with several apparent advantages. This weapon can cause significant damage at long distances and impresses people with its rate of fire at short distances. If you pull out the bow and arrow completely, the hand will fly to the target quickly, and even if it is far away, it will hardly fall.
In addition, the arrows are silent and can even be collected again because they are stuck on the wall. In addition, you don’t need to change the magazine, and Bocek can also be used wisely without upgrading.
How is her performance on the court? Due to its high versatility-the weapon has excellent combat capabilities at both close and long range-Bocek is popular on the field. Only high prices can make the bow and arrow a candidate for future competitions.
What do you need Bocek looking for? With Bocek, you can choose to draw the bow or half-open the lump fully. The former has more damage and is ideal for long shots. Half bow, the bow is a good choice for melee weapons, significantly when the Smashed Hat is upgraded. This will split the arrow, and you will get a shotgun effect.
On the other hand, if you are troubled by the arrow’s relatively long reload time, use the upgraded Deadeye’s Tempo. This allows faster follow-up shots under stressful conditions.

R-99-the nasty little lead syringe
What kind of weapon is that?
The R-99 is a humble, upright primitive submachine gun. But the little things are huge! Because in a short distance, the R-99 shot down so many bullets that the fully armed opponents were blown up in a few seconds.

Is she doing so well? The decisive advantage of R-99 lies in its fantastic rate of fire. In particular, this means that R-99 will fire the entire 20 rounds of magazines in one second, and each hit will cause 11 points of damage. A fire is enough to screen almost all opponents. At close range, there is virtually no weapon that can fix the candle to the R-99.
How is her performance on the court? Since the arena often likes to fight in the middle and close range, R-99 is very suitable for all players who want to fill their clothes and seek direct combat. R-99 rewards players who like to be aggressive and will not lose courage in the final game.
What should I pay attention to for R-99? Make sure you hit the enemy because the magazine will be empty soon, and then you stand there with an empty weapon. More prominent magazines are helpful here, preferably gold magazines. After a short time, your Weapon will automatically reload. If you have a second weapon, then switch to R-99 full, which is ideal.

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