Lightning will become the following big field of Genshin Impact

This is a new area not yet available in Genshin Impact. Since then, people have been guessing when the first part of the area will come into play. In terms of style, the site is based in old Japan. You can see this from the area name, its characters, and the first conceptual diagram. Much general information revolves around the spirit, soul, temples, and essential things in Japanese mythology. Similar to Japan, Inuma is composed of several islands. We summarized what we know about Inazuma so far and try to give the expected release time.

May release lightning
When will this area be proper? It is still open. miHoYo is still developing the site and believes it is unlikely to be included in the next update. Some people even think that Inazuma can only release one major update, 2.0, which will eventually be released in September.
Is there any official information? According to a report from, the developer recently commented on this in a Q&A. This indicates that some parts of Inazuma may be used with Update 1.7.
When? Update 1.6 is expected to be released in early June because miHoYo has a 6-week work cycle, and 1.5 will be released at the end of April. In 1.6, players can look forward to character skins in addition to the new characters and Evens: it seems that Genshin Impact will indeed get skins in Update 1.6
1.7 will be released in mid-July. But this may also change at that time. There are also some characters leaking slogans of Ayaka and Yoimiya.

Lightning, Lightning Land
So far, this is known: only rough information based on leaks and character declarations is provided. Therefore, we at least learned some wild facts from NPC Atsuko:
She described this country as dangerous.
May cross the sea of ​​Liyue.
Seven people, Electro Archon Baal, rule Inazuma.
Barr is also described as a “predatory samurai,” driving the spirit of Inuma into the forest.
Baal does not personally rule but uses the Inazuma Bakufu entity as the ruler.
Another entity created by Baal controls the boundary.
These are Kanjobugyo, and they will not let any citizen pass without official permission.
Atsuko escaped from Inuma by boat.
Inazuma is in a state of war.
According to Houko, this kind of border control makes the entry and exit of Inuma more difficult; due to its diplomatic status, only Fatui can cross the border without obstacles. Therefore, Inazuma is on the road to complete isolation from the outside world.
Barr also issued a manifesto calling for people with vision. The archon gathered all the ideas of the inhabitants of Innuma in the statue’s arms with thousands of components and eyes. The exact reason is unclear.

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