Bless Unleashed attracts more players on STEAM compared to ESO and FFXIV

Last weekend, the most popular MMORPG on Steam was the action MMO Bless Unleashed. The game is only in the beta version and still maintains a record number on Steam, second only to well-known games such as ESO and FF14. How does Bless Unleashed perform on Steam? From the last weekend of May 13-17, 2021, you can play the Beta version of Bless Unleashed on your PC for the last time.

Many players have taken advantage of this opportunity. Many players! The maximum number of concurrent players is a proud 44,769 players.

FFXIV brings about 34,000 players to the server
At its peak, ESO had about 30,000 players
The third-largest MMORPG Black Desert online game on Steam only approximately 20,000 players.

Therefore, the number of Bless Unleashed players this weekend is 10,000 more than the previous top MMORPG on Steam.

Bless the release-what good is this?
What is blessed release? Bless Unleashed is a new game in the same world as the failed Bless. Compared with the unlucky predecessor, Bless Unleashed plays faster and is more attractive to players.
What are the special functions? The current popularity of Bless Unleashed is at least partly due to the unique features of the game:

A combat system full of combat effectiveness
The crisp dungeon boss that appeared from the beginning
Tough open-world boss
What are the players talking about? There is feedback from players on Reddit, who explained how they like the game:

Brisk fight
Escaping characters is especially effective here
Beautifully crafted dungeon
Generally speaking, the performance of the game

The following content has been criticized:
PvP content is too late in the level range
Asynchronous lip movement on NPC
The boss walks out of the boss area and then always follows them to reset life immediately.
Not all races can participate in all courses, and only humans can create all customization options.
However, the current version is still in beta, so many improvements should be made before release.

Therefore, if you like a fast MMORPG with stylish, colorful graphics, and the effect is pronounced, then you will love Bless, which is why so many players view the final Beta title. It is new and looks attractive. However, the Beta version is currently over and until it is released, Bless fans must be satisfied with other MMORPGs.

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