Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Guides for Begainners

MMORPG Guild Wars 2 has been expanded this year. EzPlayers provides you with tips and prepares End of Dragons for you. What will happen in Guild Wars 2? In April, the current lifeworld season ended the battle of two dragons. This laid the foundation for the upcoming expansion. End of Dragons is scheduled to be released in 2021 and will take us to Cantha, the Cantha Wars Factions region. The large-scale launch event is expected to be held on July 27. But beyond that, little is known about the new extensions.

Nevertheless, we still want to give you seven tips that you can use to prepare for the End of Dragons. Is Guild Wars 2 in 2021 still worth the start? Yes, because especially the newcomers have an incredible amount of content and stories. Thanks to the constant level cap and the same item level, you can quickly catch up with veterans.

Play story
The most crucial technique for preparing for the upcoming expansion is to look at the previous content, especially the story. Finally, in End of Dragons, we will go out with a group of heroes again, making sense to know these characters beforehand.
We should first find out the fact why we wrestled with the dragon in the first place. By now, most veterans will point out this, but it is essential for newcomers and returnees.

You can experience the history of Guild Wars 2 at different stages, and you can learn about it in the in-game chronicle:
From level 1 to level 80, you will experience so-called personal stories. It is free for everyone.
Then continue to Life World Season 2, you must purchase additional.
The second is the expansion of Heart of Thorns. When you purchase the latest expanded version of Fire Road, it will be automatically owned.
Then proceed to Season 3 of Life-World, which will cost extra money.
The second is the expansion of the road of fire.
Next is the fourth season of Life-World, but there is a charge.
Finally, the fifth season of Life World-also known as The Legend of Ice and Blood, the last episode of which is currently free.
These seasons will be free soon: On May 25, a special promotion will begin in Guild Wars 2. You will gradually get all the episodes of Living World seasons 2, 3, and 4 for free. You need to log in in time and unlock it permanently.
An ideal time, especially for new immigrants or returnees who missed the episode.

Collect hero points
In Guild Wars 2, hero points can be used to unlock new skills and attributes of the course. You can find these points in the open world, and you can interact with them, or you must defeat specific missions or enemies to get them.
Hero points become interesting again, especially in End of Dragons, because each class will get new elite specialties and new skills and attributes.
The Guild Wars 2 system is designed so that you can already collect more points than you spend. Therefore, if you want to test new specializations from End of Dragons, you can collect hero points in advance.

Legendary Farm Material
With the new roadmap for 2021, the developers of Guild Wars 2 have revealed that new legendary weapons come into play with the emergence of End of Dragons. These are costly unique skins with cool effects: you can change the statistics at any time.
Therefore, in particular, veterans can start planting certain materials that legendary characters need until now and in the future, including:

Mystery coin (currently the price is rising very fast)
Obsidian Shard
Badge of Honor in WvW
Mysterious lucky clover
Cytoplasmic sphere
Various T1-T6 materials
Tips for breeding mysterious coins: Currently (May 8), the price of mysterious coins exceeds 2.6 gold. Therefore, it might make sense to grow these coins yourself instead of buying them. You can get it in the following ways:

Daily log-in bonus (only need to log in briefly every day)
Regarding the everyday success of Mystischer Schmied, it can be locked from time to time
Through the daily fractal chest
Defeat Ley Line Anomaly once a day
Daily automatic tournaments from PvP
Fluctuations are great. Good luck; you can get the package through the daily processor.
General cultivation of gold
In addition to the legendary weapons, the new expansion will also include new skins and may even provide new statistical combinations for your device. And it first costs gold. Therefore, it makes sense to start a further expansion with a sufficient budget.

Unlock the skimmer and other supports
The mounts in Guild Wars 2 are an excellent way of transportation, and each mountain has its function. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to have each mount experience certain content and explore the area.
Guild Wars 2 provides the following eight types of equipment:
Raptor-can jump very far
Jumper-can jump very high
Skimmer-can swim on and underwater
al wolf-very fast and can be teleported
Newcomer-can fly fast
Roller beetle-fastest downhill
Libra-can fly and cling to rocks
Claw of War-very useful for WvW
We will tell you how to hold each mount in the installation guide.
What is unique about the skimmer? The skimmer was revised in 2020 and can now be used not only on water but also underwater. To do this, you must first complete a new task.

Get the Quality of Life project.
There are some valuable items in Guild Wars 2 that I can only recommend to other players. This includes ad slots within the scope of the account, which are then shared by all roles. You can only buy these things in gem shops, where you can purchase or exchange for gold with real money.
Other valuable items are:
Copper Power Recycler-Gem Shop
Tarkin’s delivery portal, which also acts as a mobile retailer-a reward for success
Endless trade express, bank access express, or hairdressing kits-very rare drops, the easiest way to obtain through auction houses
Various transformers, such as Mauldrey, emotional flashes, or Herta-successful rewards

Mut change fees for farms and shops
The last tip is essential for fashion fans. Due to the constant level of equipment, the appearance of characters in the endgame plays an important role.
As long as you have enough trans change costs, you can change the appearance through the cloakroom at any time. Since the new extension uses a new look, you should distribute the following load in advance:
The easiest way to get the variable fee is through login rewards
Another great way to farm is to explore the map. For a complete exploration of cities, five pieces are guaranteed. Otherwise, there is a chance
Those who like to haunt PvP and WvW can get the change fee through many reward channels
In an emergency, you can also repurchase it through the store by converting gold into gems
After mastering these seven tips, you can start End of Dragons. Do you have any other ideas and supplements? Then, she likes to write things in the comments.

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