How to Wear a TANNER hat fighting in Outriders?

In Outriders, there is an iconic cool hat, which is especially useful for melee fighters. Ezplayers shows you what it can do and where to find it. What kind of hat is that? The project is called Hatmaker’s Hat and should sound familiar to anyone following in the story because the cowboy hat of your commander was killed in the prologue of the story. You can buy this hat as a legendary item later in the game.

Hats can do it: hats not only look fantastic.
It also comes with a good level 3 mod that should be of interest to melee fighters.
It is called gazing into the barrel and can increase the strength of each enemy’s weapon within 5 meters.
The second mod is randomly generated.

This is why it is so powerful: you are constantly surrounded by many opponents, especially in the endgame. It is challenging to avoid close combat. Therefore, you always have a strong damage enhancement state, and the more opponents you can do, the better. Especially in higher expeditions, it is easy to become ten enemies at a time.

Hunting mission is the most direct route.
How did you get this hat?
Unfortunately, there is no way to make the hat targeted and guaranteed. Like all other legendary items, the hat is one of the items that are randomly dropped or rewarded in the game.
There are at least a few ways to ensure that you get a legend and increase your chances of getting a hat. These include, for example, hunting missions.

What is a hunting mission? During the story, you can accept ten missions that will send you to find particular creatures. If you complete all ten steps, you will get the legendary armor.
This is why hunting missions are the most straightforward method: you can’t get all legendary items there, but it’s helpful in this case. This means that the hat is part of the restricted loot pool, which increases the chance of obtaining it. Therefore, if you want to wear a hat, you have to perform ten tasks repeatedly.
This means time, but when ranked 15th globally and using the appropriate equipment, a round of the competition takes about 45 minutes.

Is there any other way? In addition to the legendary rewards guaranteed during the story and other auxiliary missions, the adventure in the endgame is still the best source of legendary loot.

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