Outriders new patch finally hopes to solve annoying connection problems

The loot shooter Outriders received another patch, which can solve the problem in the game. This time it is about the connection problem that has existed since the demo, and it annoys many players. This update also resolves many other bugs.

This problem is at stake: In Outriders, many players are currently plagued by connection problems, making it more difficult for them to enjoy the game. According to reports on Reddit and social media, it usually takes a long time before logging in.
Players reported waiting for more than an hour, during which time they got stuck in the login screen. Many of them are giving up and closing the border.

This problem mainly affects PS4 and PS5 players, but occasionally Xbox players will scream. Now, 3.5 weeks after the game started, a breakthrough has been made, and the connection problem should be resolved.
This is fixed: In a post on Reddit, the senior community manager of Square Enix announced that these connectivity issues would be resolved by the developers next. First of all, the following are fixed:

Player stuck on the login screen
A series of errors and crashes caused the game to crash
A series of mistakes and crashes in Outriders’ multiplayer game
A 300 MB report file of the PC is generated and filled after each crash
This problem can be solved: In addition to connection problems and cracks, it also solves the problem of recovering items lost by players due to loot errors. The error caused players to find completely blank inventory and naked characters after logging in and was very frustrated.
Testing the recovery process will take place this weekend, and the developers hope to provide an exact timeline as soon as possible. It also solves the following problems:

The difficulty of the sniper
The strength of the knockback effect in the Stargrave expedition
Many errors are related to the resolution of equipment, mods, skills, lighting, and other aspects of the game.
The team also listened to player feedback about the balance of the game. According to the post, there has been a lot of discussion on E s internally, but this is a complex issue that requires long-term planning. Therefore, the developers plan to discuss more in the future.

When will the patch be released? The developer has not announced an exact date for the fix. The Reddit thread only says that the patch should appear shortly and is already in testing. Therefore, gamers may expect it in the next few weeks.

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