How to avoid a super annoying mistake in the side task of Outriders

Since its release, the cooperative shooting game Outriders has been working hard to solve many problems. One of them is a search error in the Old Forces auxiliary mission, which can still happen. MeinMMO shows you how to avoid this situation.

What kind of bug is that? The error occurred on the secondary mission Old Forces. This task can be found in Chapter 10 of the main story of the ancient ruins. You will receive Dr. Zahedi’s duty to find and inspect some obelisks in ruins.
What’s wrong with this task? The task tag may no longer be updated correctly. This causes the player to be misled and stay in a particular position.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this error. We will show you how it works.

This is how you find three obelisks
This is how you still reach your goal: you must visit three obelisks while performing a mission. That will take you through the entire area of ​​the ancient ruins. However, the task marker will not guide many players to the corresponding obelisk but will not update itself.
Nevertheless, reaching the Obelisk is not complicated:
It would help if you started with the twisted sculpture camp.
If you orient yourself from the left side of the sign, you can find the Obelisk in the Tower Courtyard. Walk a little toward the river and turn right.
When you go upstairs from the flag and walk to the left, you will find the Obelisk of Forgotten Ruins.
If you turn around from the flag, walk towards the river, and then turn left, you will find the Tarulin Obelisk. Keep on the left side of the wall, and then you should see the entrance to the area.
It is essential to comply with the order. Otherwise, the corresponding path will be blocked, and you will fall into a dead end.

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