You can Determine which Legendary Items With new trick to get in Outriders

A trick has been discovered in Outriders that allows you to choose the legendary figure you get as a reward. EzPlayers shows you how this technique works. This is why legends are so famous: they are the rarest weapons and armor in the game. Legendary characters through level 3 modification (with certain game styles) also have unique attributes. The Outriders crafting system allows these mods to be extracted and attached to other weapons and armors. Although it is often difficult to find them, there is now a way to select rare items.

What kind of trick is that? You must complete the questline of one of the historians, hunters,s or wanted criminals. These are repeatable task series, each with ten pieces. If you complete 10, you will eventually receive legendary rewards.
However, this is a random project. This technique allows you to reset this mission reward and repeat it until you get the legend you need. This applies to PCs and consoles.

The trick takes advantage of the gaps in the storage system
Depending on the type of legend, armor, or weapon required, you have to deal with it differently. You can get armor from the NPC, and the NPC provides you with hunting tasks and provides the required commands from the NPC.
Who is it for? This may be especially interesting for people looking for specific equipment or armor to complete their equipment or construction.

This is how the armor works:
Complete all ten hunting missions first.
Don’t collect rewards, but wait till the end.
Then, you take the ten completed tasks to their respective NPCs and turn them in.
Don’t just click the menu.
Instead, you choose the store menu.
Now, in the Sales tab, check whether the required items have been received.
If not, you must exit the game immediately without leaving the store menu. The whole thing works fine on the console and PC.

This is how weapons work: here is slightly different from armor because the Quest NPC is not also a merchant at the same time.
Therefore, you need a team member to collect task rewards.
Then, team members must turn in the task to see if it is the required reward.
If not, the host will have to restart the game.
Of course, the whole process can also provide you with another solution.

In theory, the same is true for the historian’s mission, and you can even get armor and weapons. These tasks are already a reliable source of legendary loot.
When Outriders was released, the affected mission series was already a problem. At the time, an exploit allowed players to access an almost unlimited number of legendary items.

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