Outriders Trickster Build: The best skills and equipment for assassins

The assassins in Outriders are doing very well now. Even without a lot of equipment, they have to go through the final game. With some legendary armor and better weapons, it becomes easier. As long as you are a little cautious during the build process, you will never feel stuck anywhere.

What makes a liar different?
The assassin (or liar in English) has three advantages that distinguish it from competitors.
Healing and Shield: Similar to the Destroyer, you can heal yourself when you kill the opponent in melee. But on the contrary, you will also receive a shield. In this way, you can create the next wave of buffers for each set of opponents. Even in a boss fight, you usually have to wear a shield.
Teleport: Similar to the Destroyer, you can jump to a farther target. Although the damage caused by this method is less than that of colleagues cheering, it can also provide you with protection again. Teleportation and jumping should not be underestimated. Especially in the endgame, the sniper makes your life very difficult. Teleportation will weaken the sniper’s power.
Short cooldown: Many of the assassin’s truly outstanding skills have a short cooldown. Since these factors usually slow down, you can make your opponent’s pace almost always snail-like. This will give you more time to react, and you will be under less stress.

You should use these skills/abilities.

Unfortunately, assassins and other classes are the same: unlimited ammo is king. Therefore, you cannot avoid the powerful Twisted Rounds function. It would help if you also equipped prey and ventilation knives.
Twisted round: This ability is a bit boring. Every shot you make will cause more damage. Finished. But the bonus is so high that you don’t want to live without it, because it may be thousands. This ability lasts until it must be reloaded.
Hunting prey: You will teleport behind the target and get a shield. The magic is to take away enemies from afar or retreat from a group of enemies. Besides, you can further enhance the functions with various mighty Mods.
Venator’s knife: In this way, you will soon weaken a small number of opponents who are helpless due to slowing down. This feature does not even need a mod to serve you well.

It would help if you did it in the skill tree.
The best way is to put all the items in the assassin tree according to their class. There, you can not only use your skills to increase the damage of your weapon significantly, but you can also take massive damage in a short distance.

Here, you should take away everything that looks like weapon damage. Weapon tricks will increase close-range damage. On the other hand, the probability of death brings a bonus at all distances. However, in most cases, you will be in the melee range. This is where Shotgun Adept and Unforeseen End come into play. The latter, along with all other effects, will give you huge benefits when you jump behind the enemy by hunting prey.
There are a total of three nodes to reduce your skill cooling time. As long as you have equipment that can significantly reduce the cooling time, you can exchange this equipment. However, at low levels, they can maintain the damage enhancement well.
Assassin’s weapon tree has only one master skill: Shotgun master. The close shotgun is also your weapon of choice because close combat has many bonuses. Therefore, be sure to bring this skill with you.
Most of your damage comes from destructive firepower and is directly below the Outrider Executioner. Both Hunt the Prey and Venator’s Knife will increase your shots by eight seconds with these two knots. Great, because we can quickly reduce the cooldown of the two skills to less than 8 seconds.
With bounty hunters, you can get passive rewards to elite opponents. As long as you earn points here, you can immediately notice. The last end enters the cold calculation. This will increase the damage to all nearby enemies. And you almost always have an opponent nearby!

Weapon and armor modification
If you build without a bullet gun, you can use the mod as other unlimited ammo creates. A perpetual motion machine and a high ammunition machine gun are sufficient. However, if you own an excellent shotgun yourself (preferably an automatic one shotgun, such as Funeral Pyre or The Bulwark), then you need a slightly more specific mod for the skills here to work. Because of the low ammunition capacity, you will no longer rely on the perpetual motion machine 100%, and you will often lose around.

If you have an excellent automatic shotgun, you will miss the bleeding bullet, which will make the target bleed every time you shoot. After that, it is best to place a legendary level 3 effect on it, such as Shadow Comet. We can use armor modifications to restore ammunition. You don’t need other weapons because when you switch weapons, you lose the twisted round.

This is where it becomes interesting because the mod depends mainly on your equipment level and whether you use a shotgun. Because the boss is difficult to defeat with a shotgun without running out of ammunition, you should not own the first legendary armor. For example, here, you can find instant reload. If Hunt Prey is activated, the magazine will be filled.
Therefore, even if the boss cannot be defeated with a single shot, you still have enough ammunition. Another option is Ammo Bargain, which is a level 3 Mod that can enhance Twisted Rounds. When using double bullets, every kill will immediately produce 20% of the ammunition. If you have one of these two modules, you no longer need the bleeding effect on the weapon, and you can use the powerful damage effect.

If you don’t have a module available, you can use Vampiric Mag as an alternative. This will fill up your magazine when you kill an enemy that is bleeding. You can get effects from weapons or have Mod Vein Ripper. Then, all serious hits cause additional bleeding.
Otherwise, you should suffer all the damage because this game style is everything you can do in one breath. To be safe, use, for example:
Buckshot Shells: This will increase the damage of the shotgun by 10%.
Bloodthirsty: Each kill will increase your firepower by a certain amount for 10 seconds. It can be stacked three times, making you more deadly when fighting with groups.
Twisted Fate: The critical strike damage caused by the twisted round is increased by 30%. In any case, we will focus on hitting the target, which is a good impetus.
Healthy twist: Make your twist circle stronger. Why not? It’s not that we didn’t kill everything at once.
Personal space: 15% damage to all items within a short distance. Always bring it!
Then you can sock some defensive mod. Even more significant damage would be too great.

State value
If you have read the guide carefully so far, you will know exactly what to do. After all, the liar is a melee monster with a bullet gun and needs a short cooling time:
Armed forces
Reduce cooling time
Close injury

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