Outriders bring new updates, and the damaged inventory should eventually be saved.

Outriders can now be updated on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). Since its release, this update should finally eliminate the inventory error problem that plagued the game.

What is the problem? This error is a massive problem for everyone affected by this error: it is an inventory erasure that only clears the entire inventory as empty. Since its release, players seem to have been hit by it accidentally.

However, the first patch appeared, but players continued to report the issue. If you have invested a lot of time in the game, losing inventory is, of course, particularly painful.

Now, developers have made new progress.

New patch to protect inventory-what about lost items?
This is what the patch brings: As the developers report, the primary purpose of the patch is to ensure that there will be no list erasure in the future. However, the recovery of lost items is a separate process.

The developer stated in a post (via Reddit) that although a person is full of confidence, he still wants to pay attention to this problem: We want to use the weekend to monitor the situation further and make sure that no other participants start to recover [ Item] had a problem before.

Once the developers are satisfied with the effectiveness of the patch, they want to provide more detailed information about the recovery time of the affected players’ inventory: Although our team is primarily focused on preventing further inventory deletion, we continue to look for improvements to the recycling process Methods. We will provide you with these final details immediately after testing and confirming the possible results.

Developer warning issue: According to the developer, after applying the new patch, individual players may experience connection issues in multiplayer games, and inventory items may become temporarily invisible. This is a known issue and should only occur within a short period and is part of the plan. Anyone affected should restart the game (after a few minutes)-then the item should reappear.

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