Which are the Best Outriders Weapons Mod for Beginners?

Weapon modification plays an essential role in Outriders. They give weapons special attributes and can significantly affect the construction of weapons. But which one is particularly suitable to start with? Ezplayers introduces you to 10 weapon mods, which can be found very early and are very useful.

How does weapon modification work? In Outriders, weapons starting from the rare (blue) level have been modified to give them specific attributes. Starting from the epic rarity (purple), the weapon even has two slots equipped with Mods.
The mods of these weapons are divided into levels 1 to 3. Although blue weapons only drop with level 1 mods, Epic weapons usually have level 2 modifications.
Layer 3 is reserved for legendary weapons, which are the most powerful in the game. If you haven’t found it: Outriders are guaranteed to distribute legendary weapons-this is how you get three of them.

The best Tier 1 mod
We will show you some of the most helpful weapon modification methods you can find early on and may be particularly useful in the first few chapters.

This is what the mod can do: by shooting, you can build an energy shield and protect yourself from attacks.
This makes you more robust and is especially useful in the journey to higher levels.
As an assassin, you will have the skills to build shields anyway. Schildmaid is particularly suitable as a supplement.

Mod: The working principle of the essence thief is similar to Shieldmaiden, except that you can regain extra life points when you are hit. This is not a large number, but classes like technical wizards can benefit from additional bonuses no matter how they recover their health through damage.
This mod is also very suitable for the fire mage in the most challenging time in the beginning. Because he has to kill opponents characterized by his skills to heal himself, with Essenzdieb, you can at least gain another life point with your weapon.
Even if Pyromancer encounters problems initially, he is still a compelling profession, as shown in this version: Strong Pyromancer Build can even handle the most demanding adventures of Outriders.

Murderous medic
This is what the mod can do: by killing the enemy, you can give the team 30% of the life.
Therefore, if you cause enough damage, you can heal your team in almost the entire process. This is the ideal mod for players who fight against opponents and want to support their team simultaneously.

This is what the mod can do: if you hit your opponent with less than 50% of your health, the bullet will fly over them and beat three opponents within 50 meters. Besides, the enemy hit was on fire.
With this mod, you can destroy several opponents at once and control them by killing them by burning. This gives you an advantage against groups.

This is what the mod can do: For every enemy killed with the magazine, reloading them will gain health.
This mod can help you survive, especially for weapons with large magazines, such as LMG.
You can blow up countless opponents with a magazine. If you run out of life points, reload them, and they will become whole again. But please be careful not to change weapons between the two.

Verwundende Kugeln
This is what the mod can do: if it encounters an opponent, it will activate the vulnerability status.
This is especially useful for you because you will cause 15% damage to them. Therefore, a decent damage bonus. Although the cooling time of this effect is 8 seconds, it is still very helpful in battle. Later, there was a level 2 variant with only 4 seconds of cooling time.
Such status modifiers can be easily combined with special ammunition skills in your class. Therefore, you can use Technomancer and his plague ball at the same time to cause poisoning and susceptibility, and the same is true for Heat Warlocks and Assassins.

Mod can do this: shooting will cause a fusion explosion within a radius of 5 meters. It may happen every 1.5 seconds.
Therefore, you can indeed heat a group of opponents. With the abnormal surge and fireworks, you can choose to use the other two modes, which work similarly. However, they have a shorter range or longer cooling time.

This is what the mod can do: Killshots create life points.
The principle is simple: kill the enemy, and you will gain a lot of life. This effect is always helpful and can improve your survivability.

Herrscher der Parasiten/Vampir
This mod can do: Killshots increase weapon/skill life loss by 20%/15% in 20 seconds.
Which of the two mods you use depends on your skill level and occupation. You can use weapons or abilities to consume life points.
Both mods can be killed to increase the effect. Therefore, please choose according to your preferences and gain more health through weapons or skills.
Here, technical experts who have been deprived of their lives through skills and weapons also benefit from it.

This is what the Ministry of Defense can do: reloading the magazine will cause shock waves and cause damage within a 5-meter radius.
This mod is mainly aimed at melee fighters. It would help if you relied on small magazines, shotguns, rifles, or submachine guns here.
Assassins and destroyers are especially suitable for close combat. Especially when you are in turmoil and run out of ammunition, such a shock wave can save lives, or it is fun to use.

Unlock mods once, then use them again and again. Does it worth it? If you want to know if you need to worry about whether mods are worthwhile in the game so early: it’s up to you. However, if you find a mod that perfectly suits your play style, you can continue to use it.
The Outriders crafting system is carefully designed, so you only need to activate the mod once, and then you can use them again at any time. It is worth unlocking and trying as many things as possible.
How does this work? If you dismantle weapons through modification, these mods will be unlocked in your Mod Library. From this point on, you can select them on the crafting workbench and attach them to other weapons.
Therefore, if you find a mod that perfectly suits your play style, you can use it at any time, even if you have to replace the weapon with a new one.
Therefore, you are free to make some modifications or try new ones. As mentioned in the above article, each device can even have two mods from an epic perspective.
You can only use the crafting process to exchange a mod, but you still have more options in the later stages of the game.

When will the epic equipment be available? You should get the first epic items about Eagle Peak in Chapter 3. Depending on how you play, you should be between levels 9 and 13. Since then, more and more epic equipment will appear.
If you unlock search and hunt missions in the future, you will even get guaranteed epic items. In Trench Town, there are also some vendors selling some.

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