PS5 first significant system update will be released

The PS5 is the first major system update. In addition to many convenient features, starting tomorrow, you can also copy PS5 games to an external hard drive and save them in it or share gameplay. Ezplayers introduces you to what you expect. Sony introduced the first major system update for PS5 on the official PlayStation blog. This is the first official update of Sony’s next-generation console.

This is the content of the update: through the update, you can get some new features that can be used on PS5:

Save PS5 games to a compatible USB external drive
PS4 and PS5 players can now be used together for shared playback
PS5 console control and personalization options
New features of the PlayStation app

When will the PS5 update be released? According to the official PlayStation Blog, the update will begin tomorrow, April 14, 2021. However, system updates are usually initiated from the console itself. Therefore, in addition to establishing an Internet connection, you do not need to do anything else.

We now introduce you to these improvements separately.

Additional storage function for PS5 games
With this update, good news for gamers who don’t have enough console space: now, you can save PS5 games on a compatible external USB drive.
You can copy and backup PS5 games from PS5
You can also copy the game back to PS5.
This still doesn’t work: you cannot start PS5 games from the external hard drive. These must still be installed on the internal storage. It cannot be downloaded to external media. Therefore, you must install the game directly on the internal storage before you can save the game from there.
So far, Sony has not announced any additional internal storage. According to insiders, you can expand the storage space of the PS5 starting in the summer of 2021. However, there is no official confirmation yet.

PS4 and PS5 players can share the screen
This is what the update provides: With the new update, you can use Share-Play from PS5 to PS4. This means that PS5 console gamers can let their friends on the PS4 console view the game screen and even let them try PS5 games through Share Play.
Therefore, if you own a PS5 and are currently playing an excellent exclusive game that is only available for PS5, then you can ask your friends to try the game on PS4 via Share-Play. So far, this only works in the first generation of consoles.

Improved PS5 menu and other comfort options
It still exists: with the update, and you can make many minor adjustments to the console. Thanks to the improved Game Base menu, if you don’t want to wait forever for updates, you can access content faster or activate pre-downloads. Philipp Hansen, the author of futfine, was annoyed by the cumbersome and nested menus of PS5 in his column.
Interestingly, you can now rearrange and hide games in the game library. Therefore, you can browse the library faster and hide games you are not currently playing. You can also mute yourself in the chat, adjust the volume or lower the voice of a colleague.
Besides, you can now set the trophies or achievements for which you want to save screenshots or videos because these 15-second videos take up valuable storage space on the PS5. Therefore, so far, we recommend that you only turn off the automatic trophy video to save memory.
With the new update, you can now limit videos, such as gold or platinum trophies, thus saving storage space.

Here you can find an overview of improvements again:
Improved game basics
Disable game chat or adjust player volume
Pre-download game updates
Personalized game library
New trophy settings and new statistics screen

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