Players in Outriders are still losing all their Items

The unfortunate people suffered almost the same in Outriders. Because mistakes in the game will take away all items: if you play many games, you will lose more than 100 hours of progress. Even after the first patch, the problem still exists. Developers have to work overtime, but they can’t eliminate the error. But the team will prompt you on what to do if the insect bites you.

What kind of bug is that? Errors are every player’s nightmare in loot shooting games: it’s an inventory clearance error. It will take all the items in Outriders from the player.
Players log in to Outriders as usual and then see their naked character on the dial-in screen but can no longer log in to that character.

This problem has always existed since Outriders was launched on April 1. It seems to be someone I met by chance. You don’t know exactly how this happened and what caused the error.
Despite the first patch, the problem still exists
Isn’t this fixed? Well, at least that’s what the developers said. In the patch notes for Thursday’s first quick patch, the developers wrote that they had fixed the bug.

But this is a premature report of success.
As can be seen from the numerous reports on Reddit on Friday and Saturday, the bug is still active on weekends.
Players report that they have lost everything. For those who have entered the endgame, it may take up to 100 hours.
The players concerned are frustrated. They announced that the border would be deleted. Because of what you should do now, if you can log in to the game at all, you can’t plant any new items without them.
The bitterness of this error is that it touches the most difficult people who particularly like Outriders.

This version was released on April 1st
Anyone who has spent 80 or even 100 hours in the game on April 10 has worked at Outriders like work for the past two weeks and has torn 40 or 50 hours a week
The special meaning is: In fact, no one expects to be caught by this bug again. The developers stated that they had fixed the bug in the patch.

Developers strengthen their work on Sundays to reduce the frequency
The developer reacted to this again: the developer reported on Twitter on Sunday. They said they took further action to solve the problem.
But this only means that they reduce the incidence of problems-the error has not entirely disappeared. The team hopes to continue to solve the problem.
According to the team, anyone caught by the investor wipe error after the second fix should report it.
You can see from the report that the error still occurs on Monday. If you are unlucky, you can still throw away all the items in Outriders.

If you find an error and all items are gone, you can do this
How can you deal with this problem? As a reminder, the developer mentioned: Once you find an error that the device disappears, please exit the game immediately and restart it. You should perform a hard shutdown.

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