You can get a lot of WOW Gold just by standing in one place for a few hours

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the Easter event Nobelgartenfest is currently running. If you need to, you can benefit a lot, but in fact, you just need to stand in one place and click. Since April 5th, World of Warcraft has begun to host the Nobel Garden Festival. In this way, you can carry out egg hunts all over the world. Players now find that beating eggs in several places is very effective. You can plant hundreds of eggs in an hour, earn chocolates, pets, and mounts and get rich from them. We will show you the places you can still use until the end of the event.

Effective Egg Search in World of Warcraft-Best Farm
Here you can farm
: the good news is that you don’t have to move around in hopes of laying eggs. You stand there without having to move at all. Eggs keep appearing within your radius, and you can click and collect them.

The discoverer wrote: I found a place where I can stand still and lift five eggs. If you are agile and people ignore you, you will grow ten eggs per minute on average.

As a hint, he added a /use macro for the eggs. You can open them by clicking on the keyboard in the list while scanning the eggs with the mouse pointer.

This attraction is located to the southeast of the Silbermond site in Walkenwacht. We include a video here, which shows the exact location and the location of the spawn:

Keep in mind that after his Reddit release and YouTube videos, there may be several people waiting at this place now. However, if the player looted an egg, you can still steal it in a short time. You need to be fast.

How do you get rich from it?
You can do this: if you are looking for the success of the event and want to buy all the rewards, you can spend hours using this farm to make purchases. That’s already very generous. To purchase all the event items from the dealer, you need 1150 pieces of chocolate, which can be obtained from the collected eggs.

The price of the mount is 500 pieces of chocolate, and the rare pet is only 200 pieces.

Therefore, if you buy everything you want to own, you can start making money now.

Raise eggs on an effective farm site
Go to dealers to buy valuable items such as mounts and Nobel Hatten Halle
Sell ​​at auction now or later
If you want to earn gold quickly, you can immediately sell Fast Spring Strider or Nobelgarten Bunny in the auction house. Its price varies according to the field.

Therefore, you can quickly earn a lot of gold by sitting around and clicking, and if you sell at a high price, you can make WOW Gold fast. If there is no time, please wait a few more weeks or months. After the event, experience shows that the price of Easter event content will rise again.

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