Evaluation of Outriders on Steam and Metacritic, Is it worth playing

The new cooperative shooting game Outriders has been released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia for a few days. The earliest reviews will be published on websites such as Steam and Metacritic. Comments are usually positive but indicate the extent of the game’s influence on the gaming community. This is a matter of taste.

The following is the total number of Outriders’ comments:
If you only look at the numbers, Outriders is like a typical mid-range game:
Outriders have balanced reviews on Steam-it has 64% of positive reviews.
Judging from the fact that Outriders has received 17,730 comments in a short period, you can see the commercial success of this title.
In Metacritic, the age of professional criticism in the 70s. The PC version of the game received 76% of the revenue-players rated PC version 6.0 as 10.
The PS5 version of the game received 77% of the revenue from the game magazines listed on Metacritic, and users’ evaluation of the PS5 performance was 68%.

Not revolutionary, and I don’t want to be
This is what Meta-Critic said in detail: The comment on Meta-Critic paints a portrait of a solid shooter who only does what he can and rarely takes risks.
Game Informer (90%) said: Outriders are not revolutionary, nor do they want to be. The game is a well-thought-out shooting game with an RPG style carefully designed by experts.
The Turkish review (70%) explained that one of the weaknesses of Outriders is that you must always be online to play it. Outsourcers must make improvements in technology, but they must play a playful talent. Players noticed the always-on problem from the beginning: During Easter, Outriders encountered serious server problems.
The website TheGamer (70%) criticized the campaign for being too long and the endgame too short.
Game magazine GameStar proved Outriders in-game tests: shooting games that make players indulge in the dance of death and brilliant thunderstorms in the first few hours of the fun. The magazine maintained its rating until it got an impression of the endgame.

The cheap version of Ember Ruins or a picture book loot shooter?
This is a user’s comment on Steam: From the commentary on Steam, you can see how Outriders divide the player group.
A user who has played 52 hours at Outriders will corrode: the game is worth $60, not worth it. He said:
People want to buy Warframe to satisfy their destiny
Outriders is ultimately a cheap version of Remnant: From the Ashes
New creatures are just old creatures with different colors. The game mechanics are said to be weak or die. Anyone looking forward to covering shooting should stay away. The cover is not for the player but the enemy.
Another 32-hour user also compared the 2019 hit song Remnant: From the Ashes and Outriders’ stench of the game. It will not have exciting bosses, just blunt weapons.
However, some people are passionate about Outriders. Sixty hours of users said: Outriders is a picture book loot shooting game. It has the potential for addiction. If you like loot shooting games, you should get Outriders.
Outriders are particularly good in co-op games. Another PC player was written on Steam: He played Outriders with two friends and enjoyed his 22 hours in the game very much.

Like robbery, rank, and transcendence
Employers view:
The Employers community is entering into robbery, level, and shooting games. Here, Outriders is more popular than other game worlds.
In a recent survey, most readers who participated in Employers were convinced by Outriders. Fifty-seven percent of people think that Sagittarius is excellent, while 24% think of it as good. The negative evaluation is only 9%.
It is evident in the comments: Employers users have low expectations of Outriders. But later, these expectations were exceeded. The finished game is much better than the demo.

For many people, aliens may not be struck, but a boring genre like Robbery Shooter is still a glimmer of hope two years later. If you need some guides for this game go 5 Outriders tips every beginner must know

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