Valheim Fish Traps provide you with the best food and are easy to set up

A lot of ideas from real life can be realized in the survival game Valheim. Players have now found a way to catch fish using a large fish traps-a fish trap that is easy to transport large amounts of fish to you.

What’s the trap? Using Valheim’s fish lure is easier and faster to catch fish than with a fishing rod. You only need a few components and a simple workbench.

In principle, the trap consists of only three parts. As the funnel becomes narrower and narrower, the fish are collected in a large area and then lured into the trap. There is a ramp waiting for you there.

There is a gate on the ramp, which can transport the fish to the fish or lock the fish when the trap fails. All components require only wood and can be easily constructed.

How to create a trap? How to build this trap in its thread. It would help if you even very had very little wood-depending on the depth of the water and the depth of the funnel:
Build ordinary wooden walls to the bottom of the water. They should reach the surface
Let the walls get closer and closer until, in the end, only the 1×1 meter part fits between them
A 1×1 floor slab is set up in the shape of a staircase from the sea bottom. Alternatively, you can use 26° roof components
Build a one-meter gate one meter away from the ramp
Once everything is put together, all you have to do is shoot the fish into the funnel by driving them in front of you. Then, on the steps, close the previously opened door and then transport the fish upstairs.

If you have trouble building, please use the cart technique to build underwater. To better imagine all of this, Vincent Nacon provides an illustrated guide:

The fishing vessel provides the best food ingredients
Why does it work?
Unlike the player, the fish can pass through a corridor that is only one meter wide but cannot turn there. Because they want to rotate, they need physical space that is not given to them in the corridor.

You can push the fish out of the door to the surface or even eject them to collect them on land.

By the way: There are three different sizes of fish. Small fish offers one plate of raw fish, medium size two plates, and a maximum of four plates.

What use are traps for me? Fish is an ingredient in fish bites, and you can make them at the end of the game. Fish bites are the best food in Valheim (Valheim) because they have the highest endurance value of all foods to date.

In addition to fish, you also need to get flour from the plain so that you can bite late. In return, if you want to have a larger endurance bar, it’s worth a more extended trip or even a larger construction project.

Another advantage is that you don’t even need a fishing rod. Currently, fishing can only be done from the dealer Haldor, who is sometimes very hidden in his world. If you still like fishing, there are some tips to find a Valheim dealer more easily.

Other functional buildings and tips in Valheim
Even before the trap, resourceful Valheim Vikings thought about the game and how they used the building system creatively. For example, different versions of Japanese that were much more useful than they first sounded were quickly established.

If you frequently haunt the plains, you can also use the hiding place. The hiding place can be built in the rock and can only be accessed through a small entrance, and you can easily defend it if needed. Valheim’s secret hideout does not require much work.

On the other hand, if you wish to take your friends across the map, you can use the power of doors and harpoons to shoot at them with a human catapult. If they survived, this is a fast way to travel.

Valheim’s construction system offers many possibilities for defending your house or making the game more enjoyable. Have you found an excellent structure to make your life in Odin’s world easier? Could you write us a review?

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