Mods make Valheim a real role-playing game with real loot and 6 Class

With the help of mods, you can bring new content to Valheim that does not exist in the survival game. You can even turn Valheim into a brand new game-such as a role-playing game. Ezplayers provides you with three modules, which you can use to obtain loot, occupations, and even missions. What kind of mod are they? The three Mods we introduce to you here bring new content to the game. You can use them to explore various unique aspects that don’t usually exist in Valheim and turn survival games into RPGs.

Trophy and boss weapons, such as Dark Soul.
Missions in Skyrim or World of Warcraft
Like the class in Diablo.
You can install mods individually or at the same time. We recommend installing them together to have a complete RPG feel and explore Valheim in a whole new way.

How to install the module? You can get all mods on the NexusMods website (via NexusMods). You will also find the Vortex client, which is a downloader from the website that simplifies the installation of Mods.

Unique weapons for unique boss loot
What is Mod doing? Unique weapons bring nine new weapons, and you can get all these weapons as recipes from the current five bosses. Every boss has at least one weapon of his own.
The unique feature of the new weapons is that their attacks are different from standard armaments. Some of them even have special abilities or are brand new weapons.

You can get about two dragon skulls with mods that can be used as fist weapons in Modern. As a special effect, the anti-frost result is obtained when the primary hand weapon is carried. With their skills, these weapons can even replace Walheim’s best weapons.

OdinPlus is suitable for tasks and companions.
What is Mod doing? With OdinPlus, usually, only your Odin god can have a place in the world. He is in a camp with some other NPCs, and you can be there.

Buy New Mead that cannot get special effects through fermentation
Accept and submit the task
Targeted improvement of skill levels
Therefore, the mod realizes the entire mission system and discovers the more powerful monsters you have to look for. It also allows you to summon new companions, such as a wolf with a backpack or a controllable troll.

Quest items can also be found in the dungeons of the world, and the treasures you can dig become more valuable.

Six classes in the Valheim Legends game
What is Mod doing? Legend of Walheim adds six categories to the game from which you can choose. Each of these courses has three skills that make them unique and unique:
Valkyrie and barriers, staggering and jumping.
Shadow rifle hunter, summon wolves and powerful shooting
Berserkers of fury, execution, and onslaught
Magician with Fireball, Frost Nova, and Meteor
Druid has regeneration, root defense, and tendrils
Shaman loses temper, armor, and mental impulse
Five new skills can extend existing attributes and improve by using appropriate skills.

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