5 Outriders tips every beginner must know

With the release of Outriders, many new players are now starting to cooperate in shooting games. That’s why we provide you with five quick tips to help you begin using Outriders. What are Outriders? Outriders is a third-person shooter game, and you can play alone or up to three people. People develop the game Can Fly. There is a story campaign here and a large number of loot and RPG mechanics, such as four classes you can choose. You can find more information about the game in the Outriders overview, release time, class, system requirements-all, information about the loot shooter.

When will Outriders appear? The official release date is today, April 1, but the time is different. The game will be released on Google Stadia, PC (Epic and Steam); Xbox series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. We have summarized the first ballot for you: the first ballot praises outsiders: challenging, but never fair.

Especially for novices, they are often confused when they first browse many systems. To help you get started, we have provided you with five quick tips, hope they can make getting started with Outriders easier.

Outriders have no items that can be used to heal themselves
Unlike most other loot shooting games and RPGs, Outriders does not provide any healing items. Health points will be restored automatically, but this will only heal you to a small extent and restore you when you are not hit.
This is how you can heal yourself: each of the four major categories of Outriders has its healing mechanism, which also significantly impacts the way you play.

The technician heals himself by healing the damage caused by skills and weapons.
When an enemy characterized by his skills is killed, the fire mage will heal itself.
The assassin restores his life by killing in melee combat
Demolitionists recover from enemies that died nearby
Outriders take an offensive approach with this system because you usually have to be aggressive, and you have to keep moving forward to heal yourself.

You can find a general overview of the Outriders class: so far, all we know about the four character classes.
You can also participate in our survey: Which category of Outriders did you play at the time of release?
Unlock and use crafts
That’s why it’s worth it: thanks to its world ranking, it’s worth it early in the game. The higher the world ranking, the harder it is to get Outriders. At the same time, there are corresponding rewards. In this regard, you can build the build early, and the build system is essential.
The crate provides the following functions: You can
Increase rarity
Add attributes
Exchange modification
Change weapon variant
Increase equipment level
By disassembling the device, you can extract the mod and add it to your collection. After unlocking the craft, you can combine equipment and optimize the construction according to your wishes.
When will the craft be unlocked? After the first chapter of Outriders (which can also be played in the free demo), you set off for City One. There, you will meet Dr. Zahdi. It would help if you had it to modify the device.
We will create a comprehensive production guide for you. But what resources do you need for production?

You must know about the resource.
In Outriders, scrap is the standard currency you can use to buy weapons and armor from vendors. You can get scrapped through quest rewards and selling loot. Besides, there are other forms of iron and leather resources that you can obtain by disassembling the equipment.
This is how you get your most important resource: so it’s worth collecting as much loot as possible. The best way is to repeat the task and loot the loot box. Each time you select the desired story point in the main menu, the content of the package will be reset.
You can also perform side tasks repeatedly so that you can get extra loot as the final reward. Although you can’t get legendary weapons from crates, you can still get a lot of equipment. You can use them, disassemble them to obtain resources, or sell them at dealers.

Activate automatic collection
In Outriders, you will get permanent equipment and weapons. But on the battlefield, you may miss a drop of water. You can avoid this situation through the automatic collection function. This option ensures that you automatically collect all loot immediately after you die or leave the area.
How does this work? Under the Gameplay category of the options menu, you will find a toggle option for automatic collection.
There you can determine the rarity and set which loot to collect automatically. It looks like this:
By the way: You can also collect all the surrounding loot by pressing a button. On the mixer, this key is used in conjunction with the down arrow key on the directional keyboard, and the H key is used on the PC.

The guide is beneficial.
Raiders have many statistics and status effects that are important for combat. Those novices often don’t know which status value has any effect.
There are also many types of damage and effects that will affect you and your opponents. Therefore, you should use an extensive game guide. This lists all critical information about the status impact and gives other helpful explanations.
Where can I find instructions? You need to switch to the main menu in the game. There you can find instructions and see different categories. The appearance when looking for status effects is as follows:

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