How to Play Outriders on Xbox

Some players can already play Outriders, although the official release will not be until tomorrow, April 1. This is a simple technique. We previously reported that this technique could also be used on Playstation. But in fact, it’s not. According to the plan, Outriders will not be able to play on PS4 and PS5 until midnight.

What’s happening? The loot shooting game Outriders will be officially released on April 1. Only recently has the official preload and start time been announced.

But things are not going well. Because many players in the Outriders subreddit and readers of We have reported that Outriders can already be played on consoles. All you have to do is to use a little trick that does not require any great effort.

What kind of trick is that? All you have to do is change the country to New Zealand on the console. It has already been April 1, and the server may have been online.

Is it started on the host in advance due to the time difference?
How could this happen? Xbox One, X Series X|S should officially begin at midnight, from March 31st to April 1st midnight. However, due to time differences, some servers are already online in countries such as New Zealand.

Since the preload is already available, many players have already installed Outriders and can start using them.

What about the PC? According to our time zone, the official launch time of Steam and Epic is tomorrow, and the first batch of Apil starts at 6 pm. It is not even possible to change the area and play in advance.

Xbox gamers rejoice. Some PC gamers are angry.
This is how players react to Reddit: many people are, of course, happy that they can start the game. Now some people call themselves kiwis just for fun. This does not mean the result, but the common nickname of New Zealanders.

However, for some PC gamers, this is not very interesting. Because they looked at the pipe, fans wrote: People can play the game now, which is incredible. PC players have to wait 26.5 hours (from 3:30 pm) to join the game. I can play the demo on the same server. What’s the point of this? That is completely arbitrary.

Will that fall into a scam? A player is worried that this trick might make you cheat. He directly contacted the developer People Can Fly through Discord and asked them if they would risk it.

What are Outriders anyway? This is a third-person shooter game that combines story, loot, and RPG mechanics and is played in a dark sci-fi scene. You can participate in the battle alone or with no more than three players.
You can choose from four classes and build your character repeatedly in the course of the story. Numerous expeditions, better trophies, and more significant challenges await in the endgame.

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