Players complain about PAY2WIN – Magic: Legends are now fighting back the most significant criticism

Since the start of the Magic: Legend public beta, many players have learned about the new action RPG. Soon after the game started, the perception of the game became quite harmful. Now, developers are addressing some of the biggest criticisms.

What’s wrong with Beta? On March 23, Magic: Legends entered the PC’s Open Beta. The Beta version already contains all releases, more than 175 different spells (abilities), and more than 170 devices.

The action RPG is entirely Free2Play, but there is an actual money-making store. Here, you can buy boosters and cosmetics-and there are also loot boxes. Indeed, these loot boxes are a huge problem.

Because Dimir Packs is the sixth grade of the game, Dimir Assassin. The price of a pack is 300 Zen (equivalent to 2 to 3 euros). Depending on the players (via YouTube), the chance of attending a class is about 1:250.

It is also possible to purchase in-game courses from other players, but the price is so expensive that most players cannot achieve this goal. Coupled with technical issues and criticism of the gameplay, this means that the beta version of Magic: Legends does not work at all.

Performed better in the Battle Pass, Dimir Mechler
Developers are changing this now: For many, the most crucial change is that Dimir Meuchler is now available at level 50 of the free Battle Pass. This means: if you play enough, you can take classes for free.
Another major criticism is the performance of the game. Many players complain about stalls or poor connections. The developers said they were surprised by the large number of players that the server could not afford. With some technical improvements, connectivity and performance issues should now be resolved. Other changes include:

This tutorial is too long and should be shortened
Eliminate conflicts between players
Reduce chat spam
Besides, the developers are committed to the endgame. According to some exceptionally hard-working players, this is boring and unchanged. The final game is more significant than what the player can discover and should be expanded based on testers’ feedback. How do I play the beta version? Currently, you can only play the Beta version on the PC through the Beta version launcher or Epic Games Store. It is accessible in both cases:
To arc games
Go to Epic Games Store
Depending on the transmitter, you may even receive some decorative rewards that can be redeemed before April 6. Magic: Legends will be released later in 2021. It will be available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and due to backward compatibility, it will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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