Some changes have taken place in MMORPG from March 15th to March 21st

From March 15 to March 21, many things happened, especially in the development of MMORPG. In this article, we want to summarize all the actual content.

Highlights of the week: New World released a new Alpha update and announced many new features. These include a new area, a dungeon, revisions to tasks, and adjustments to the UI.
EZPLAYERS editor Alexander Leitsch said that due to these adjustments, the new world is moving in the direction of Themepark MMORPG.

new world

However, as with other MMORPGs under development, many things have happened:
The hardcore MMORPG Mortal Online will begin testing soon. The game is scheduled to be released on Steam on March 25 and will mainly attract players who like to play in PvP.
Sandbox MMORPG Fractured has announced the start of a new Alpha test. It starts at 4 pm on March 31st (via Fractured)
The VR MMORPG Zenith showed a new game for 30 minutes. It is displayed on both PC and PlayStation.
An exciting week: In September 2019, MMORPG Astellia was released as the title of Buy2Play for PC. Now the Free2Play version of Astellia Royale will be released in March 2021.
Although the original game concept was well-received, Astellia Royale was torn apart. The reason for this is that the adjustment has not been well accepted.

This is what happened to the giants this Friday:
Black Desert has released a new Sage category. It was released on March 17 and has become very popular.
The Elder Scrolls Online version released a significant update 29 of the game console. In the following week, April Fool’s Day has also been announced, particularly suitable for leveling.
In World of Warcraft, a task has been adjusted so that you can earn more coins every week. As part of the charity campaign, two new pets were released.
In Guild Wars 2, the new Tengu bonus event has begun. In this way, you can obtain special weapons. You can find more information from colleagues at
Final Fantasy XIV is still quiet. But this should not prevent you from playing it. EZPLAYERS editor Irina Moritz compiled five tips for FF14 returnees.

What happens to the smaller MMORPG?
SWTOR has announced the upcoming update 6.3-The Dark Descent in the live broadcast. What followed was a new flashpoint and the Galactic Season system, including the Battle Pass.
Blade & Soul has released a new update. With the advent of patch 11.4, recent raids, new events, and new equipment come into play (via BladeandSoul).
MMORPG V4 becomes the new crazy penguin
The Lord of the Rings online version has a new update, The Bree Wild of Bree. This includes new tasks, examples, and Chinese New Year (via LOTRO).
Phantasy Star Online 2 has released a patch that contains new emergency missions, new campaigns, and some bug fixes (via PSO2).

What are the new features of other MMORPGs under development?
Genesis Ashes postponed its Alpha 1 test last weekend. The reason given is additional fine-tuning, which is still necessary. The postponement is particularly interesting because there are no new testers, and they are only allowed to talk about Alpha freely. This shows that the classic alpha no longer exists, at least in MMORPG.
The fate of the past, the sandbox MMORPG of the Middle Ages, provides insights into current development in the new devlog. This includes a new starting zone, improved combat effectiveness, and a mini-boss.
That is our overview of the essential MMORPG news of the week. Did we miss other exciting updates? Then write it in the comment. We are also happy to receive feedback on the article itself.

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