The five Best open-world Cooperative shooting games of 2021

Are you looking for an excellent cooperative shooting game with a large game world? Ezplayers will introduce you to the five best cooperative shooting games in Open World 2021. There are many cooperative shooting games. However, not many people can claim to have a vast area or an open world explored together. This is why we have brought together the best co-op shooters on the list​​. In this case, the open-world should be understood as a broad term. The list includes games that offer large-scale sandbox game worlds or shooting games divided into centers. However, because these areas are so large, for us, this is the open world.

Division 2
Release: March 15, 2019, | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 | Genre: MMO shooting game | Number of players: 1-8 | Developer: Massive Entertainment | Publisher: Ubisoft

After you reach the predecessor of New York, Division 2 takes place in Washington, DC, at the end of the world. After a fatal global pandemic, chaos loomed over there. The rival faction has taken control of the situation, and you must maintain order in the department. The event will take you through most of the entire city, which is primarily inspired by the real cityscape of Washington.

How is the game in Division 2 going? In the game, you are either solo or up to 3 other players. The purpose is to increase the level, collect better loot in the form of equipment, and save the city in the battle at the same time.
The game is played from a third-person perspective. This is a combination of RPG and tactical shooting games, including cover mechanisms. You can choose from different weapon categories and have other skills and gadgets in the battle against the enemy, such as drones, sports radars, and guns.
Division 2 also provides three dark areas. These are heavily polluted areas, and both AI opponents and players must fight to recover valuable loot. The dark regions are fascinating.
You can’t walk in casually and take the spoils. Everything you find in terms of equipment must first be shipped out by helicopter. During this time, other players can steal your loot by riveting or hijack the salvager.

This is how multiplayer games work: all activities (such as main tasks, bases, expeditions, dark areas, and open-world activities) can be solved individually or in groups of up to 4 players. The raid can accommodate up to 8 players.
Except for raids, every event has matchmaking. Therefore, you are not limited to a fixed group, and you can also play with everyone.

The open world of Division 2
What is the structure of the game world? The Division 2 game world is open and large in scale. Much of Washington, DC has been rebuilt to an almost original scale. Therefore, there is enough space to conduct gun battles, collect loot, and find secrets and Easter eggs. With the expansion of “Warlords” in New York, the game world has also expanded to a part of Manhattan, which means there is more room for exploration.
In addition to exciting shooting games, you can also combine many different gameplays. Snipers, former pigs, tanks, supporters-everyone can find their role. Collecting equipment is fun, especially in the first few hours.


  • Tactical game with a cover shooting mechanic
  • Matchmaking almost all activities
  • Detailed implementation in Washington DC and parts of New York
  • Large range
    The dark area is a mixture between PvP and PvE

Balance issues
There are bugs
Endgame struggles with long-term motivation

Borderlands 3
Release: March 15, 2019 | Platform: PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 | Genre: Shooter | Number of players: 1-4 | Developer: Gearbox | Publisher: 2K game

This story continues the predecessor’s story and is as cruel, crazy, and funny as usual. You will become one of the four powerful destroyers who fight against nasty villains and make different planets insecure. It all revolves around finding loot.
How to play Borderlands 3? Borderlands 3 is a mixture of weird first-person shooters and action role-playing games. You can find and collect a lot of training for different weapons.
At the same time, you can upgrade roles and create different versions. Each exterminator has its unique abilities and other skill trees.
This is how multiplayer games work: on PS4 and Xbox One, you can play two games locally in split-screen mode. On Xbox Series X | S and PS5, four people can even achieve it.
You can find devices online with up to four friends on all platforms. It doesn’t matter which of the four characters are played. You can complete each task together.
A new DLC can expand the endgame, and the game will be launched in March: Borderlands 3 finally gets the leader of the raid that players have always hoped for.

Open World in Borderlands 3
What is the structure of the game world? Borderlands 3 is not a sandbox game, and you can run around in a vast world. The game is divided into huge hubs located on different planets. This makes each area very different from the others. This brings diversity.

Borderlands 3 is known for its weird humor, funny stories, and extraordinary characters. This can also be found in Borderlands 3. Besides, the loot spiral and its many weapon variants are also quite motivating. Therefore, you can spend hours chasing crazy ratchets.
The story is not over yet, because that is the time to start looking for weapons. In the Chaos mode, a new difficulty level has been added, which allows you to obtain better loot and at the same time make your opponent stronger.


  • Collect a lot of weapons
  • 4 very different characters/classes
  • Quirky, cool environment, many kinds
    A wide range of

If packing up weapons is not enough to meet your needs, diversity may be lost

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
Release: October 4, 2019, | Platform: PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 | Type: Shooter | Number of players: 1-4 | Developer: Ubisoft | Publisher: Ubisoft

In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, you land on the fictional Pacific Aurora Island. This is the headquarters of the seed company Skell Technology, which researches and develops deadly drone technology.
As part of the ghost force, your job is to infiltrate the island and find out what is happening on the island. However, you will be attacked, and some troops will be executed right before your eyes.
Ghost Recon: How to play breakpoints? This is a tactical shooting game. You usually act secretly, and you can choose to play the game from a third-person perspective or a first-person perspective. You infiltrated the enemy’s base and destroyed Skell Technology’s intrigue on this vast and diverse island. The game provides a wide range of leading stories and PvP modes. In the endgame, there are also challenging raid PvE activities.
At the same time, you upgrade the armory and equipment. You can choose whether you prefer a loot system with a rare level or collect classic equipment without any class or group.
The way multiplayer games work is this: You can roam the island with up to three other players and then play the entire story together. Breakpoints provide many different methods, which require good communication with each other.
Some many weapons and gadgets provide many options for tactical procedures. You can adjust the difficulty widely. If there are no other players initially, you can also choose to play with your AI partner.
What is the structure of the game world? Aurora provides a vast and diverse area that you can explore openly. It is full of enemy and hostile bases. There are many devices for this.
Customization options include how often you encounter enemy patrols and drones in the world. You can also discover many exciting places. This is a large soldier playground.

GR: Who is Breakpoint suitable for?
That is the game’s unique charm: if you want to play the game tactically, but don’t want to find a surreal shooter, then Breakpoint is your ideal place. The game world is a giant adventure playground that can provide many services, especially for strategic stealth attacks and tacticians. You can also play all the games with a few friends.


  • Spielwelt is a massive playground for tactical lovers, and there are many exciting places to explore
  • Many setting options for loot, difficulty, and mechanics
  • Everything can be done in the cooperative
  • Loads of weapons and gadgets


  • Not an accurate shooter
  • Only devices can be unlocked, weapons

Destiny 2
Release: September 6, 2017, | Platform: PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 | Genre: MMO shooting game | Number of players: 1-6 | Developer: Bungie | Publisher: Bungie

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer shooting game with MMO and RPG elements forged by the inventor of Halo Bungie. The scene combines fantasy and science fiction. The plot is based on the predecessor. You are a guardian, which means you have cosmic abilities, such as space magic, and protect the last city on earth.
You fight nasty aliens throughout the solar system, kill gods, robots that travel through time and space, and try to drive away from the darkness by yourself. You can use a wide range of guns and armor, in addition to the light ability and the recent dark ability, but also can provide the necessary firepower.
Since its release, Destiny 2 has been continuously expanding. In 2018, the expansion of the City of Forsaken and Dreams appeared. In 2019, the Shadow Guardians finally come, who sent you to the moon. This is followed by the Beyond Light expansion at the end of 2020, focusing on the European Ice Moon. However, this also goes hand-in-hand with deleting old content.
This story is told throughout the four seasons, and it is currently the 13th season, where you will fight the ugliest princess in the universe. You can also shine in battles with other guardians. Developer Bungie has proposed plans until 2022. Therefore, there is always something to do.
This is how multiplayer games work: Destiny 2 offers various activities, including everything from story events to PvP. There are also challenging raids.
Almost all PvE activities can be completed in a group. These include story missions, strikes, missions, dungeons, and adventures, which can be solved together. The team can play with up to 6 people. Some content also provides automatic player search.
In PvP, you can play 3v3, 4v4, or 6v6 again. Gambit also has a PvEvP mode, in which two teams of 4 guardians must fight each other and the aliens at the same time.
What is the structure of the game world? Similar to Borderlands 3, there is no vast cohesive open world here. Instead, you are traveling a wide area on the earth and other planets that are very different from each other. Here, you can experience the story, explore the world or fight through interesting locations in missions.
You can also encounter other random players in various locations or patrol areas of social venues-but most activities are instantiated.

Who is the goal of Destiny 2?
That is the game’s unique charm: In Destiny, you mainly experience the story and collect loot to develop and improve the character category. There are three different categories, their game styles are very different, and there are also subcategories with other specialties.
Weapons can be used in all character categories. Then, the armor of each of these three levels is separate. It is fascinating to find new and exotic flavors, short guns, or armor that destroy the famous game mechanics. In Season 13, you can collect 171 exotics.

Perfect gun battle function expanded many skills.
The extensive sci-fi fantasy universe
Different classes

Content is often recycled.
A lot of deleted content


Release: March 25, 2013 | Platform: PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 | Genre: MMO shooting game | Number of players: 1-4 | Developer: Digital Extremes | Publisher: Digital Extremes

Warframe is a free cooperative shooting game with a science fiction atmosphere reminiscent of Destiny 2. You will play the role of Tenno, and they are quasi-futuristic space ninjas.
After centuries of sleep, Tenno is awakened to wipe out all kinds of pests in the universe. You can complete this task with the help of the Warframes biomechanical battle suit.
These combat uniforms have their skills and can be used in many different variants, so they can also be called classes.

This is how multiplayer games work: with up to three players. You can perform tasks and slaughter your way through various procedurally generated instances. Besides, you can explore three large areas and engage in epic battles on the Railjack spacecraft.
The open-world in Warframe
What is the structure of the game world? Through three main expansions, the three main worlds have been integrated into Warframe. These areas are very different from each other, from vast fields and underwater worlds to worlds ruled by mutations and epidemics.
Here, you can fight a variety of different enemies, collect equipment and explore fascinating areas.

Who is the target of Warframe?
That is the unique charm of the game: Warframe provides vast and free-range and deep mechanics. You can customize Warframe extensively, develop different game modes, and divide your troops through hordes of opponents.
Since its release, the game has been continuously expanding in close cooperation with the community. Therefore, if you like teamwork, love complex game mechanics, and value a helpful community, you should check out cooperative shooters.

Variety of Warframe as classes
Multiple weapon options
Helpful community
Free (including fair paid content)
Exciting story
Extensive housing

Difficult to enter due to lack of tutorials
The user interface can be confusing.
Some annoying game errors (errors)

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